Gen. Muhammadu Buhari Addresses Nigerians

An important political figure in Nigeria, Major General (rtd.) in the Nigerian Army, a former military ruler of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari (b. December 17, 1942) has just published some of his thoughts via Facebook page. You can read the full text of his statement below.

muhammadu_buhariOur political detractors cannot stand our commitment and devotion towards good governance and social justice. That is why they keep shifting the topic of discussion between us. When we talk about corruption and bad governance that characterize their politics, they bring up sentiments and emotions to keep Nigerians busy fighting each other while they wantonly plunder our commonwealth.

No matter how they try, we shall never give in to their distractions! We shall never allow them to dictate the topic of national discuss! We shall continue to tell the truth about them, and discredit the lies they fabricated against us.

We shall reciprocate their bigotry with love, their division with unity, incitement with perseverance, ignorance with patience. In the end, it is not just our words against theirs that matter; it is the indefatigable will of free Nigerian men and women yearning for justice and social equity. God bless Nigeria!

Do you agree with his ideas? What do you think of Gen. Buhari?


  1. actually! Gen. should have built this foundation, anyway its not too late… keep it up, and leave a resounding legacy to the posterity. let the world know that Nigeria belong to us all!!!

    • Please don’t comparable Buhari with Mandela for Mandela is Far ahead of Buhari in all ramification.Where as Mandela is a Nationalist, Buhari is a Tribal and religious bigot.

  2. He had been there before and we all knew and still know what he did with power.It is left to Nigerians to decide if they want a repeat performance of his style and result of leadership.It is a choice between catarrh and catastrophe.

  3. Gen. Buhari is speaking political Grammar for 2015. Be wise enough to read the lines of his statement in the past, present and future.When asked,Ngige said he forgot something in the Government House Haven’t spent so much money and strategies to return back pick up what he forgot in government House,it was all in vein.
    Now general Buhari forgot something in Aso-Rock several yrs back and have been wanting to go pickup what he forgot with 3 major failure attempt and modalities of strategies to no avail,now he has come up with a fresh strategy to convince his followers.
    For me,he may deceive many with such Grammar, but not everyone.Discourage him not to contest for 2015, otherwise,it would be worfull for him to loss for the 4th time.

    • i really love your post becuz that is what the man is looking for ,so therefore we should never give him any chance again becuz when we do he will pick up the sumthing he forget and make use of it alone…
      there is question i always ask this man called Buhari is it Animal ,place ,or thing..please some one should advice him better he loos hs animal life idiot

  4. Kano State

    I 100% agreed with Gen. My bros. & sisters in Nija face the truth regardless of all sentiments- be it religion, tribe, ethnic group or zoning. All we want is Good governance from any person regardless of his colour. They used and capitalized our differences as weapons against us. Think twice Nijasss…..



  7. Gen Buhari is d only living Nigerian leader dt has nt corruptly enriched himself. I share his position nd I believe him so much. Most Nigerians ar subjectively sentimental nd u cn only b against him if u ar one of dem.

  8. Hatred is disastrous to the human soul and the well being of a people…when you hate, opportunity passes you by, by the second.when you hate injustices prevail and violence is inevitable.when you hate, the whole essence of living is chattered.when you hate, truth goes extinct.finally when you hate, you are eternally a resident of the province of Hell…I pause with the saying of Nelson mandella (RIP) that “”no one is born hating another person because of his skin or his backgrounds or his RELIGION.people learn to HATE and if they can learn to HATE , they can be taught to LOVE, for LOVE comes more natural “”…instead of commenting irresponsibly and abusively, lets talk together as one people.lets see the potentials in ourselves instead of capitalizing on the blasphemy coined against the good people in us .. may God inculcate the spirit of love in us.God bless Nigeria.

  9. I’m not a political enthusiast but I usually tried to investigate the reliability of informations the media advertizes…before 2011 the criticism against this man was that he’s a fanatic, without any viable proofs to buttress that…after 2011 the story of promising to make the country ungorvernable emerged still without proofs that he actually said so..I’ve gone back through the achieves of most newspaper in Nigeria but all they alleged was that ” they said gen.Buhari told some hausa boys in the north to make Nigeria ungorvernable if he losses the election”” then I asked who said so? Who are the hausa boys ? If that was a secret , wher is the hausa boy that blabed it…about 99.9% of Nigerians that supports that ideology about this man have never seen or read wher he was being quoted as saying such thing–allegations( I challenge anyone to provide a link to wher he was quoted saying that!!! ). but we all subscribed to that just for the hatred.but if I may ask, is there any spiritpal book that supports hatred?..NO…. No wonder Jesus Christ insulted his people calling them the sepulchres,ingrates etc..thats because they knew he was their savior but for their selfish and unprofitable interest hated him, and you said they crucified him.thats the similitude of Nigerian case.even though we kno that we need somebody of Buhari’s calibre -even if its not him, to make this country better we are still cowed by out hate for an innocent man whose political image have been targeted for the fear of seeing the country work at the expense of their selfish interest…I see a country wher most percentage of people lacks sense of judgement and are derailed by their ignorance, culminating in unnecessary hatred for the good people and undeserved awe for the corrupt egocentrics…I am convinced that one day Nigerias regardless of ethnic and religious affiliations would be objective enough to acknowledge truthfulness and shun falsehood so that we have a nation wher peace and justice shall reign…God bless Nigeria.

  10. Gen. I know you are a good man and have good intentions toward this country, but one thing i want you to know. The people you are walking with can turn out to be what you dislike, must especially this so called G7 most of them are corrupt.

  11. let this man learn from d life of mandela. He failed before and he should learn from that. What he wad not able to iffet when he wad thete, he will nrvet be sble if he can not look ineatd and paytern his life his lifr to be a true and selfless leader. IVf he wants to be a good leader, let him talk to his boko haram brothersthat they should surrender their weapons.

  12. If Gen. Buhari is a good man, then he must tell us where Gej’s administration got it wrong and where they got it right. That alone makes him a sincere person. For even God himself still finds something good in the most sinfull person. If Buhari begins to point out the positive and negative actions of a person, i will leave everything am doing just to follow him and campaign for him.

  13. Let this man learn from the life of Mandela. He failed before and he should learn from that. What he was not able to do when he was there, he will not be able to do if he can not look learn and pattern his life to be a true and selfless leader. If he wants to be a good leader, let him talk to his boko haram brothers that they should surrender their weapons.

    A true and selfless leader will not think that until he gets there, the nation cannot move forward or things cannot get better. When he is not opportuned to be in the so much coveted seat of Presidency, he will still work in humility with the current leadership, advising, suggesting and also praying for them.

    Buhari should learn from Mandiba: he had one opportunity, he used it very well. He stood for the interest of the people. It was one united South Africa he fought for.

    And one quick suggestion – his fraternity with Tinubu, Amaechi, and other persons looking for ways to get the nation Nigeria into deeper pit of corruption, will only make his life and ambition worse. Look for a true and selfless leader you can identify with.

  14. when i first saw the title, i thought General Buhari is at it again. but this time, this piece makes absolute sense. that is how an elder statesman should reason. salute to the general!

  15. Gen. Buhari has been out of office a very long time and do not have all the facts with which govt brings up policies. To oppose government ideas and programs cause of corruption among some govt.officials and not the helmsman smacks of maturity.

  16. Gen has spoken the truth only those that are blind folded by the lies and deception of PDP can not accept this truth.
    Gen the good people are really behind you and by God grace one day the truth will prevail

  17. I think it is high time we keep sentiment behind, The likes of Gen. Muhammad in our current is difficult to find. Records have testified to his personality. Yet some people people are still helter skelter trying to paint him otherwise. We all need to know that the consequences of our sentimental choice that have been bedevilling us for over a decade now have no boundry, they traversed across the land, tribes and religion. Why won’t we change for our betterment and betterment of generations to come. Any body who castigates Buhari is real bigot himself.

  18. I have taken so much time to examine this great country and have observed that 3/4 of our problems is created by us… We don’t celebrate great men with real virtous struggles, politics of bitterness, regionlization and religion engraven us.. We celebrate corruption and corrupt persons. I wonder when people will start understanding what they really want, It is clear Jonathan has failed in the area we need most. We need Buhari, Jonathan has refused to fight corruption, Buhari has a name and i think he can deal with the corruption issues

    • Go back to history and seek when and how our foreign reserve depleted the most after the civil war. I expect you to come back and correct your impressions.

  19. Well, I admire the statement as issue above by Buhari, but actions they say speaks louder than voice. I do not think he implements the exact going by his attitude and that of APC members. I need his candid opinion on the menace of boko haram and what he thinks the solution is apart from the acclaimed poverty that has been there. Also, is it wrong or forbidden for an ex-president of this nation to visit and advise the incumbent instead of news paper adverts? In all the burning national issues which one has he proffered genuine solution to? Must one become a president before you can be useful to the nation? One point is clear, it must be one person as mr. president at a time – others should learn to be patriotic and wait for their time. Respect they say is reciprocal.

  20. Buhari and his APC is the greatest disease that Nigeria is suffering from. They are baren of progresive ideas,positive criticism as an opp party and lacks credible characters who could not bring transformation during their time in office talk less of tranforming Nigeria.

  21. In as much as nigeria desires a change,not these old,rejected,analogue set of peopl. He ws outrightly rejected by nigerians. Nigeria needs a young,vibrant,articulate,enterprising,modern and digitally minded man not some old,worn out,rejected,archaic,parochial,islamic fundamentalists. PDP is bad but APC which Buhari,Tinubu,El rufai,lai mohammed,Saraki,etc represents is worst. “The enemies we know is better than the ‘saints’ we already know” they(APC)have all being tested in various capacities and have all failed. APC says PDP is corrupt but PDP members(the same pple who make up the said corrupt PDP)shall automatically become ‘saints’when they Join APC. Who is fooling who? We all know what Tinubu represents.

  22. Who is fooling who Buhari has no place in governing Nigeria, his time has past, who really was ruling during his tenure was it not his vice.
    The only time Nigeria will move forward is when we stop all this religious and tribalistic sentiments we know all this noise makers and blood loving old men we cannot not vouch for any of them. Please Buhari and co. go and sleep. What advice have they given to gov. since they left power, they only look for cheap political points to score, even going as far as sponsoring terrorist, God will deal with all of you. I only pity Nigerians that have been blinded by religions of a god that they do not know wake up Nigerians, you can know God by yourself, since He made you ask Him to reveal Himself to you will be surprised. Stay in peace.

  23. Speaking objectively, I’d say that some comments on this are valid. But I must query. Are Nigerians truly ready and willing to choose and support a good leader?

  24. Speaking objectively, I’d say that some comments on this are valid. But I must query. Are Nigerians truly ready and willing to choose and support a good leader? Or is it going to be about tribe and religion as we keep denying it isn’t.

  25. If buhari is the only good man 4rm arewa that can rule nigeria, @ least a maximum of 8yrs after then what next will naija remain the heaven we talked about? Plssss enuf of dis generals


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