Davido: “Skelewu is spiritual!! Juju tins”




Skelewu crooner — Davido, a couple of days ago went on his Twitter page to taunt his fans, claiming that his hit “Skelewu” was spiritual and surrounded by Juju.

It wouldn’t be hard to believe though, after the worldwide recognition the hit received from the day it dropped.

He tweeted: – Skelewu”is spiritual and Juju tins.

Accidentally, something happened to the two music directors who directed the music video:

Music video directors Sesan Ogunro and Moe Musa lost their dads.

Sesan’s dad, Sesan Ogunro Snr was shot point blank by armed robbers as he returned from his church’s Christmas Carol with his family – kids and grand kids. He was rushed to the hospital, only to die later on.

Moe Musa’s dad died after a horrific gas explosion in his kitchen, here in Lagos.

Coincidental or related?


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