Chris Okotie’s Ex-wife, Stephanie Henshaw Shares New Photos

While Pastor Chris Okotie is condeming Catholics to hell, one of his ex-wives is showing how beautiful she is.

The above beauty is a mother of 3 and was married to pastor Chris Okotie for four years before they split in June 2012.


  1. Yes, the woman is beautiful indeed, but come think of it, how can a woman have 3 children in four years of marriage? It means she’s a complete housewife and all she does was to be painting her face, nails and lips and looking sexy every moment the so called ‘Pastor Chris’ comes around. And, the law of “diminishing return” that states that one becomes saturated with demand or wants when it become excesses. This could have cause the breakage in their marriage. May be the ‘Pastor’ wanted to try another chick? Sorry fine woman!!!!!!!!!

    • The children were born before she officially married the Pastor. It is unlikely that they have any child for the 4yrs their marriage lasted.

  2. Her three daughters jessica stephanie and the other one answer her maiden name henshaw. They are from three different fathers. She cant keep a husband. She needs help.


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