American Teenager Buys a CAR For Just $1 in Amazing Deal


An American teenager definitively won Black Friday.

The crazy day of drastic discounts and rock-bottom prices sees Americans, and now shoppers on this side of the pond, go wild in their search for a must-have bargain.

But lucky Texas 15-year-old Reginald Anokwuru might just have got the best deal in town, if not the world.

He was merely standing by one of the cars at a Houston car dealership when a salesman walked over to the vehicle and slapped a $1 price tag on the windscreen.

Reginald’s new motor was one of five to have their prices slashed to just one dollar, and extraordinarily his mother was one of the lucky few to nab herself one too.

Reginald was overwhelmed by the whole experience and admitted it felt like he had “just won the lotto” despite not having a driver’s licence yet.



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