6 Pages Warning Letter Dino Melaye’s Inlaws Wrote Him

Culled from StellaDimokokorkus’s blog.

Mr. Dino Melaye,
On Saturday Nov 16th, elders from the Fabiyi family, comprising of our father, Pa Ekundayo Fabiyi and his siblings Commander Lawrence Fabiyi (Ret.) and Mrs Alice Ejiko, met with your parents and formally notified them of our family’s position on your long history of assault, battery, psychological & emotional abuse, grievous bodily harm, and threat to life with a firearm to Tokunbo Melaye (nee Fabiyi).

At that meeting, they presented a six (6) page document to your parents cataloging in great detail,
your abusive actions towards Tokunbo over the last decade.
They also presented a list of six (6) demands, which our family expects to be met by Saturday November 30th, 2013.
A scan copy of the document that was presented to your parents is attached to this mail. The list of demands are contained in the attachments marked Page 5 and Page 6.
We expect to receive before midnight on November 30th, written confirmation, duly affirmed with your signature that you will immediately comply with all of the requests.
We also expect that Ruth will be physically delivered to her mother’s custody before midnight, on November 30th.

The letter confirming compliance should be scanned and sent to all parties listed in the carbon copy (cc) list of this e-mail.
The delivery of Ruth to her mother’s custody, the timely receipt of the scanned letter confirming compliance (sent from your e-mail:dinomelaye@yahoo.com), and confirmation by me via return mail that your response is satisfactory, will settle the matter.

Should you fail to meet these reasonable requests, we will be forced to seek redress for the grave injustice meted out to Tokunbo in the courts.
Our attorneys have been instructed to commence with legal proceedings by December 2nd, 2013 should we deem your response to our requests inadequate.

While we wish to maintain this distasteful episode as a private matter, we want to make it clear that any attempt to distort this case through public actions taken by you or your agents will be matched with corresponding public actions aimed at ensuring that truth prevails.

For the Fabiyi Family,
Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi




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