4 Resolutions Every Mom Should Make This New Year

download (2)Whether you want to lose weight or gain income, here are four resolutions that every mother should have on her list this year.

1. Take Some Time for You

Was your dinner cold by the time you got around to actually eating it? How many times did you get up to refill a cup, or get someone their favorite spoon, or more ketchup? The point is, that we take a lot of our time to cater to the needs of our family- we need to do the same for ourselves. Help your children become a little more independent by tasking them with things they should be able to do for themselves, and give yourself a break. Get out with your girlfriends more often, or just curl up by the fireplace with a good book, or maybe even give YOURSELF a bath! Bubbles? Even better!

2. Don’t Miss the Moments

That pile of laundry, the stack of dishes, and those dust bunnies in the corner will still be there tomorrow. Tomorrow, your children will be another day older; and they may no longer enjoy tickle wars on the rug, or have the time to sit and play with paper dolls. When they ask you to play with them – do it. There will always be something else you “should” be doing. The most important thing a mother has to do is mother her children. Mother them with love and attention, and be present in every moment.

3. Trust Your Instincts

Have you ever left the doctor’s office with the diagnosis of a “virus,” yet you knew there was still something else going on? Then, did you return a few days – and another co-pay – later, only to learn that your instincts were right all along? This year, tune in to your motherly instincts and don’t back down when you know you’re right! Your children are too little to advocate for themselves, so you need to be their voices.

4. Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Spouse

The greatest gift we can give our children is a safe and loving home. This should begin within the relationship we have with our spouses. We are role models for what a healthy, committed, and loving relationship will look like to our children. We will teach our children how others should treat them, by how we treat one another. Plus, once your children are grown, the relationship you have with your spouse is the one that needs to have endured. Don’t stop courting each other. Talk with your spouse about more than just kids and finances! Go out ALONE! Kiss. Hold hands. Do things you both enjoyed before you had children. Spend time together behind closed doors. Make a renewed effort to actually put effort into your relationship.


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