2015: Jonathan Must Be Allowed To Govern Without Interference, Seek Re-Election, Says N/Delta Group

jonathan-portrait1A group known as the Niger Delta Leaders Assembly, NDLA, has warned that henceforth, it would no longer take kindly to some regions of the country, individuals or groups, taking advantage of President Goodluck Jonathan’s right to a second term to deride the President or bring his exalted office to ridicule.

The region’s leaders, at the end of a session in Port Harcourt, River State, gave the warning to press home their displeasure over continued verbal assault on President Jonathan, particularly as contained in the 18-page controversial letter from former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Making this known in an address by its President, Dr. Carson Agidah and Acting Secretary-General, Samuel Abasiekong-Abasiekong, the NDLA said:  “We shall not go to war with anybody, neither shall we antagonise any government, political parties, their members or leaderships, but we advise all disgruntled persons to allow the President, our son, govern the country without interference and seek re-election as other presidents did.

“We remind Obasanjo that phenomena like insecurity and corruption were born in Nigeria by past administrations, started crawling in past administrations and started walking and running in Obasanjo’s administration.
“The former president should have arrested, prosecuted and executed them, but he didn’t do so. So, if in Jonathan’s time insecurity and corruption have developed wings and are flying, should Jonathan be blamed?”

While expressing appreciation to the former president for playing a major role in the emergence of a Niger Deltan as President, the NDLA stressed that recognizing that patriotic act for his motherland was not enough for the former president to turn Mr. Jonathan into a slave.

“On the alleged killer squad owned by Jonathan, every Nigerian knows those things do not look like Jonathan at all.

“If Obasanjo knows where someone is training a killer squad to kill some Nigerians, he should be invited by security agencies to show where the training is taking place and who owns them,” the group said.
On 2015, the group said Mr. Jonathan’s contest in the elections was beyond him now as they insisted that he will vie for a second term in office and would be sponsored by NDLA members.

“The entire Niger Delta is sending him and we shall buy his form to stand the election. There is an indisputable fact that his administration has been better than former administrations”, it said.


  1. #Niger/delta. Either a president is from a particular region or political party those that mean he could not be advise on the national issues.I don’t care if he runs second term or not bt let’s not forget the present state of the nation which jonathan has being null about. Just as the NDLA as said “OBJ brought GEJ to power” wic gives him write to advise him if he is inactiveaa. Let’s stop being sentimental on national issues and let mr president comment if the allegations are untrue, then elders can then act like elders.

  2. Elders of ndelta u can not enforce ur incapable, sentimental, myocre, agent of militant nd selfish descrimination, who has marginal intent by intimidation. Gej have no where 2 go, just prepare him a send forth 2 his prison cell.

  3. All of you should be ashamed for ethnicising this issue. History will judge naija leaders past and present. Personally no naija leader can ever attain the expectations of Nigerians even if we have a saint, there is still the external pressure that most of you are not considering. I thank for the military otherwisoe going by what you lots have been uttering, we would have bee
    fighting again.


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