WOW: Used Condom Thrown from Above Causes Serious Damage to Car’s Windscreen (PHOTOS)

A used condom has reportedly ‘shattered’ a car windscreen after it was thrown from a building in Jiande city, Zhejiang Province, Eastern China.

condom_windscreenThe car’s owner immediately phoned the police when he found the condom on top of a windscreen wiper resting against the shattered window.

condom_windscreen2Adding insult to injury, the man has had to fork out approximately one thousand Yuan (N25,500) for repairs.

A shocked driver had to remove the used condom from his windshield.

His car was parked, when the contraceptive was allegedly dropped on his vehicle on Tuesday.

The condom was allegedly dropped on the vehicle on November 5, 2013, Tuesday, from one of the windows of a residential building nearby.

Nobody is believed to have been hurt in the incident, but forensic experts may now have a DNA sample test to identify the culprit.


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