Why I Converted To Islam – Actress, Liz Anjorin

Actress, formerly Liz Anjorin now known as Aishat who recently converted to Islam in an interview talks about her recent conversion and her lifestyle.


You woke up one morning and decided to change your name and religion. Is that how people just switch?

My name is still Liz. I am Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin. I have always been a Muslim. It is just that I am a very confidential person; not many people know about it. That is why it sounds new to so many people now.

So how come it became a public knowledge and is even causing side talks here and there?

It was because I went on Hajj. That was how so many people got to know about my religion. You know that my name is Elizabeth, a Biblical name; so when I went on Hajj, everybody had to notice that I practise Islam.

Have you always been a Muslim?

My father was a Christian and my mother was a Muslim. After my mother’s death, I decided to practise her religion. Even before her death, I had wanted to go for Hajj but there was no chance.

Stories started flying round when this story broke. Some said you found a rich ‘Alhaji’ who insisted you must convert to Islam before he married you…

People must talk and if they don’t, they will die. But to answer your question, I don’t think such can happen. I don’t see why any man would tell me to change my religion before he can marry me. Funny enough, my boyfriend is not even an Alhaji. Going on Hajj was something I desired. It is not even meant for Muslims alone. If you believe in God, go to the Holy City and pray to your God and your prayers would be answered. People from all over the world come there.

Was your baby’s father a Muslim?

Oh yes. The baby’s late father was a Muslim. He gave my daughter a Muslim name. We all believe in one God. There is no dichotomy.  I don’t have to judge anybody and say the person’s religion is bad. We are all one before God. I am still proud of my name, Elizabeth. It is just that when you go for Hajj and come back, you have to be more modest. It is just that I am human and I am a young lady who is still single. I am free to live my life. If I get married and my husband wants me to be Eleha (woman in purdah), then I will do it. If I marry a pastor and my husband wants me to be a pastor, I will do it. I have to be submissive to my husband. For now, I am a young girl, so I think I am still free to follow my heart and do what I want to do. But when you go for hajj, you have the fear of God and you believe in God.

So you have changed since you came back?

Yes. Before now, I could do anything. I could talk anyhow. But now, I caution myself. I can’t destroy myself talking the way other people talk.

Did you go to Mecca so that people will perceive you as a nice, holy lady?

Anybody who is saying such must be jobless. I saw all the comments people posted on the Internet because of my trip to Mecca. I know some people said I was a bad girl and I wanted to live a holy life and that was why I had to go to Hajj. Those people who say such, have they ever seen me in a party? Have they seen me where I shouldn’t be? I am not a saint but I know

I have been a wonderful person. If a lady like me can work and do some other things without anybody’s knowledge, then people should pray for me. Anybody saying such negative thing hasn’t seen me. It is not easy. If a guy of 27 can ask me out, then you know that I am a very decent lady to the core. If you keep yourself decent, it shows on your body. I don’t fix nails except on location. I don’t wear fake eye lashes. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I cherish my sleep at night. I don’t club, I cover my body. So why would anybody term me a bad girl? If I were bad, I would be struggling. I am not saying that I am a saint but I will say it again and again, I am a very decent girl. I don’t misuse my body. Do I even have that time?

You don’t smoke, you don’t drink and you don’t do so many bad things but was it not reported that you and Iyabo Ojo fought over a man back then?

Anybody who says such is just jobless. It is so annoying. You don’t judge anybody. You don’t even have the right to do that. Let them talk. That is their headache. I am not going to say anything.

But there is a recent picture where you dressed so sexy. You didn’t wear the long dresses ….

If I am at a movie location, nothing stops me from dressing that way. Even when I am not at a location, I have never really dressed seductively. I don’t reveal my body. I always cover my body. it is very hard for people to know that I even wear tattoo. It is only at a location or when you see poster pictures that you would know that. There is a difference between your personality and your job. For a male gynaecologist who is an Alhaji, don’t women open their legs for him to check them? It is his profession.

People should please correct this impression. I am an actress. If I am given a role, I must interpret it. We are preaching and trying to correct anomalies with our movies. We are just acting. Even without going to Mecca or Jerusalem, I have never liked dressing seductively. You can still be beautiful without exposing your body. The more you are even covered up, the more beautiful you look. So, the picture you saw is a poster picture. I have always worn long gowns and I bet you, I look more beautiful than those who wear scanty attires.

Attending event is part of my job; if I weren’t a celebrity, I could wear anything to any event and nobody would notice. But I am a role model. I love to wear something unique. I am a young lady. The way you dress attracts the calibre of people that come to you. If you dress decently, mature minds approach you. If you dress in a funny way, such people will come to you.

So many people would expect you to finally settle down now…

People believe it is one Alhaji that sent me to Mecca. Ok o; when it is time for me to get married, I will let them know. It might be tomorrow, it might be next. I don’t know the time but everybody will know when we get there. All I am interested in is my business.

Have you left acting?

No. I am working on my new movie, Kofo the First Lady. It is a sequel to Kofo Tinubu. We have the same characters in the movie but different story.


  1. Well I have to say all I know about her……. She is my best. friend who ever that said. Agnes her is a layer I have ben in her hux may time she is dissent lady to the last very happy to welcome visitors I can tell the word about liz ok

  2. If truly she’s a believer, must to know that going to hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and you as a muslim must believe in it not just by saying ‘Going on Hajj was
    something I desired’

  3. Miss A’isha formerly known Liz Anjorin, In fact, I’m congratulating u for the great achievement that u had. And also pray for u against enemies of progress. Therefore, Miss A’isha I’d like to pass my little advise to u as a good brother.So, I want u to hold ur religion very well in order to protect ur pretty and ur dignity against arrogant people, because u might fine something very new and so complicated as a results of immorality and human behaviors. there re many people the entered Islam with bad ambitions, their missions and target is to disorganize Islam because of some certain circumstances due to their negative think, that is why u can see nowadays the great name Islam is been propagate by different way. However, the religion of Islam is the only religion which provides the right, freedoms and the quality of an every individual on Earth both Males and Females with a full advantage. So, u re now in to the system u should try as much as possible to use ur Eyes, Ears, nd ur Brain in order to know wht’s Islam nd hw Islam been nd spread in to human’s heart. Finally, I’d like to congratulate u more for the new wonderful season u re. May the peace, Mercy nd the blessing of Allah be with u in all ur activities from hereafter. Thanks urs Anas Mohammed.

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  5. I am very happy for u Aishat. You have been my favourite actress since couple of years due to your ambience and austere lifestyle.
    I would wish to see u face to face if u don’t mind.
    However, wishing u best in all ur endeavours.

  6. I am really impressed by ur conversion into d holy religion….. But u still get two lapses to cover….u said going to hajj was just a choice or something u desired which is not. Going to Hajj is one of the pillar in Islam……….and the second is, u said if u marry a husband who wants u to change for a pastor or something else u can do that……………..it means ur iman is not strenght………………wa Iyazu billah…………pls enter into islam with one and pure heart…………a muslim is always static on his religion………..ur mother was one and now it’s u

  7. Please my sister forget about what people are saying just be a good Muslim and may ALLAH accept your HAJJ. Finally, be a good Muslim and practice ISLAM with good faith as ALLAH will reward you.

  8. AAisha or better Liz, i dont think u know what is ISLAM from ur discussion one will see that u have very little knowledge of the religion. I want to advice u that u will not know the religion by just watching the followers, rather if u really want to be muslim u must go and seek for the knowledge from mallams or islamiya schools. I wish u luck.

  9. Halaja aishat may Allah gauid you and put you through because islam is more than with you think according to your interogation.

  10. I feel so sorry for you. When a lot of dem are praying to get out without being killed…you dey carry ya self enter fire. All dis people wey de hail u now will be d first to cast stones if u changed ur mind now. There is a way that seems right to a man/woman, but it ends in destruction.Still praying for you.

  11. U sound rather clumsy and immature; and u kno little abt d art of answerin questions frm d pressmen. Most of d allegations u denied @ d beginnin of d interview, u ended up confirmin them. It is however clear frm ur response dt ur neuly found boyfriend might hav insisted on u bcomin a muslim and u ar ready 2 change 2 either christianity or hinduism, dependin on whom ur suitor is. Wt due respect for ur personal decisions and emotional disposition, u ar not a true muslim, jst d way u were a true xtian then! Just hav a rethink on ur life 2 c which religion u wll lik 2 practise. Thanks and Congratz on ur Hajj!!!

  12. It is religion… what difference had it made? Her name Liz does not make her a Christian. She never a believer, and if went degree further, who cares! Hell has enough accommodation for beautiful and ugly alike.

  13. Many of you people didn’t read through the chatting… U just commented like Zombies. Lols! She can be who she wants to be; she can even be traditionalist.Her story wasn’t in agreement with the topic.Nigerians and their Mumu religiosity.

  14. Lizzy,point of correction:Mecca is a holy land exclusively for Muslims.non believers are not allowed.when U perform hajj,it is solely for Allah who rewards it.You are obviously not a conscious Muslim,however with this opportunity that U have (God knows how)make the best use of it by entering into Islam whole heartedly and not say after hajj U can marry a pastor.pls get itself acquitted with Islamic facts and e joy the peace inherent in it.Good luck

  15. Congratulation may Allah accept your Hajj as an act of ibadah.Don’t mind whatever people say about you,you are on the right way that is human being for u.Allah(swt)will see u throught and don’t forget to always pray 5 times daily too because that what islam rest upon and your dressing should go along with islam principles.God will be with you u a welcome to religion of peace

  16. U ll regret it soon.u have no faith in god so keep on with isalm they ll soon use u 4sacrifice.big fool we don’t even need u again 4life bye bye mada isilamic religion.

  17. Hajiya Elizabeth Aisha, my advise to you is that you should keep doing what you believe is best for you. What ever you do people must talk about most especially you celebrities you always subject matter of the people discussion. Also if some one said he/she do good that’s mean you creat avenue of attarking you by those that know the are bad. There wish always is to see good people turn to their ways, I wish you best keep practice your religion, may Almighty Allah increase your faith.

  18. Aisha wish u all the best in life. Your going to Mecca are signs of more good things that will follow, In-Sha-Allah, Especially a befitting husband that will take care of your kids, May their late father’s soul rest in perfect peace. Ameen

  19. Aisha may YOu have finally agreed to be a Muslim but remember there a way that seam good to a person but the end is destruction. You have joined the religon of violence, bondage and slaves Muslims are slave of allah Christians are sons and daughters of Allah so choose what you want to be a slave or a child of Allah

  20. Muslim is a holy religion indeed, religion that preace war, religion that encourge violent, religion of boko haram. if Lixy dad is a real man, hiz wife would have remain a muslim under his roof, there are some men who are not capable


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