Ugly catch: Mystery ‘armour fish’ caught in South China Sea stuns experts

The mysterious sea creature was caught by stunned fisherman in the South China Sea, with its identity leaving experts stumped.

Nicknamed the ‘armour fish’, the unidentified catch is covered with sharp spines on the top and bottom of its body.

‘This is the first time in my life that I have seen this type of fish. I brought it home to my wife and informed her of the rare catch,’ Sapar Mansor, 43, told The Borneo Post.


The stunned angler was with a friend on a fishing boat near Tudan in Malaysia when he pulled in the 1ft-long fish, which has two tusk-like spikes near its mouth.

Expert Oswald Braken Tisen, of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), said the conservation group was attempting to identify the creature.

‘SFC has not been able to establish what kind of fish it is but is in the process of checking with relevant authorities,’ he said.

Mr Mansor now plans to preserve the fish so he can keep it on display at this family home.

His wife Siti Kadariah said: ‘My husband caught this rare species and I was surprised to see the fish.

‘When my husband brought the fish home, both my children were stunned because of its shape and uniqueness.

‘It is God’s gift and I and my family will keep the fish.’


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