The Police Are Protecting The Man Who Stabbed My 9 Month Pregnant Wife Dead – Widower

Mrs. Ameenat Agbogbo was two years ago stabbed to death by her neighbour one Austin Oboh and till now the Lagos State Police Command has yet to capture the suspect her husband Christian revealed.

mrs-ameenat-agbogboChristian has accused the police of laclustre attitude to the murder which happened on June 8, 2011 around 9pm.

Ameenat, a mother of one, was allegedly stabbed by Oboh at the family’s former residence at Redemption Avenue, Ayobo, after a quarrel over some money which she had allegedly given to Oboh for safe keeping.

Christian, a mechanical technician, told reporters that he was at work on that fateful night when he got a telephone call.

He said, “Ameenat was already close to her delivery date, so when I got the telephone call from a neighbour that Ameenat was being taken to the hospital, I just assumed she had gone into labour.

“I told all my colleagues same and left the office. I got a second phone call, this time from my wife.”

Christian said although his wife was incoherent and in tears, she was, however, able to recount how Oboh, a family friend, stabbed her.

According to the widower, Oboh, an artisan who lived with his mother and a brother a few houses away, had shown up at Christian’s house that night, ostensibly to greet the couple.

He said the visit degenerated into a quarrel when Ameenat insisted that Oboh pay back N20, 000 she had kept with him.

“Ameenat told me that she had given Oboh N20,000 to keep for her in the event that there was an emergency and she needed money. I never knew that she did something like that. When she asked Oboh for the money, he took offence. As they were quarrelling, there was power failure. Oboh then offered to put on the generator and Ameenat accepted. Oboh put on the generator, but he deliberately did not connect our house.

“While the generator was working, Oboh sneaked into our house, got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Ameenat eight times on her belly with our two-year-old son present. Because of the noise of the generator, none of our neighbours heard Ameenat scream.”

In his haste to leave the house, Oboh allegedly forgot his slippers in the sitting room and mistakenly took Ameenat’s phone, thinking it was his.

Ameenat reportedly blacked out, but eventually regained consciousness. She was said to have dragged herself out of the house and alerted neighbours who took her to the hospital.

Christian said, “When Ameenat got to the General Hospital, Igando, she was operated on. Our baby, a boy, had received five stabs and was dead by the time the doctors brought him out.”

Oboh had already fled the area before the arrival of the police from the Ipaja Police Division. His phone however was handed over to the investigating officers. Ammenat died a week later.

A few weeks after the incident, the case was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.

Christian said, “Since SCID became involved, everything fell apart. Each time I spoke with the IPO, he would tell me that there was nothing new. In fact, he would ask me if I had some new information.

“They told me that they had applied to the network that Oboh used, to track him through his telephone line but that their application had not been answered.

“I made enquiries myself at the telecommunication company in question and I was told that if such an application was indeed made, that it would have been answered immediately. It has been two years now and the police have done nothing.”

When reporters visited Oboh’s former residence at Ayobo, the flat where he once lived with his mother was locked.

It was learnt that Oboh’s family had also moved to their house a few months after the incident.

A member of the community, who requested anonymity, said Oboh had not returned to his family since he fled the area.

He said, “Before his mother and brother moved out of this area, I did not set my eyes on him (Oboh).”

The telephone line of the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ngozi Braide, rang out and she did not reply text messages as of the press time.


  1. Nigeria police plc and magistrate court plc are making money from cases taken to them. Punish the innocent and set criminals free.l cry for this country.


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