See What Femi Fani-Kayode & Bianca Have To Say About Governor Oshiomhole “Heartless” Words To A Widow

A video of Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole went viral yesterday where he told a widow that “if she is a Widow, she should go and die”.

Apparently the Governor had ordered the woman’s goods be seized but she begged him to save her only means of Livelihood as she is a widow and that was when he blasted her.

Well it looks like it did not go down well with many as outspoken former Aviation Minister, Femi Falana-Kayode and actress, Bianca Johnson have shared their opinions.

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See what actress, Bianca has to say below;

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What do you think of Governor Oshiomhole’s statement?


  1. If and only if he actually did say it, then he is heartless,uncarring, ignorant and… Hmmm! Short people self! Na waya Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo in short he is an obote juu

  2. That is soo unkind to humankind, that governor is soo heartless!
    That is a lesson likewise the rich Man and Lazerus in the Bible.
    Similar to this one.

  3. D way of God is not d way of man.probably God allowed it to happen to change d destiny of d woman.remember judas iscariot,a whole apostle, singular error resulted in d salvation of all mankind.who is oshomole compare to him!pls,let’s be careful with our utterance against d governor,afterall,nobody is mr perfect,even u very self,u hv at one point in time said sometin that is worst than out! That woman’s destiny wl change for d best,courtesy of who? Yes oshomole of course.

  4. u can imagine a Governor whom was elected to help his people acting in such a heartless n cruel manner. i believe this widow is part of the same people who elected this heartless fellow (Oshiomhole), how could u deprive a woman of her source of income and still asked her to go and die. the Book of 1 Timothy 5 vs 3 asked use to honour them. these so-called politicians don’t even know their religion not to talk of ac ting in accordance.

  5. Prinxpalax how can u talk about destiny here. Leave God out of this one. What the governor said is wrong and inhuman. And for someone of his status in the country is very disappointing. So much power, so little love or care. Something like this happened in canada and the mayor was asked to resign. For not using his words properly and reasonably. May God be able to deliver his type, or his case may be that of pharoah.

  6. May Allah forgives Oshiomhole for his utterances. But, from all reports and write up, Femi is more wicked and rude, and can actually say the worse and do more.

  7. Prinxpalax, don’t give such a comment next time, it’s not inline with what is on ground. And, I want to thank Kuku too for your comments. I thought Oshiomole is a gentle man since he became governor, too bad with his useless utterances. Short devil.

  8. ¡Ay de ellos en el poder, ¿puede un hombre ser capaz de ofrecer a las personas con este tipo de corazón diabólico? ¿Qué poder puede hacer?

  9. The guy is obviously full of shit.He was able to deceive people to vote for him,he really doesn’t care about them.check out his plans for Edo house and what he owes despite taxes .Nemesis!!!!!!!

  10. It Is not only the Governor that does that in Nigeria, there are of them who are in the corridor of power but misused the power, to me what Edo State Governor did was not appropriate no matter what he shouldn’t have uttered such harsh words on that woman, may be he has forgotten that God who put him there today, could remove him irrespective of the he rely upon. God is not a respecter of man, we too should emmunate Christ behaviour… Governor GOd will forgive Ɣøû.

  11. Gov. Spoke out or hanger for whatever d reason (s) are. Well d words are quite heavy especially for a husbandless widow .
    Pls lets ntt be too rash in judging . Am sure Mr. Governor must ave realised the harshness in it as soon as he said it.
    Its well.
    Widow , u will ntt die a begger in Jesus name. Amen

  12. An issue like this needs to be checked from another angle, fine the victim is a claimed widow but being a widow means u must go against the law of the land? Moreover, the law is to keep clean the area and safety of public from vehicular activities on the road and somebody want to hide under the status as a widow and mess up the state. If immediate action is not taken, many will do worse. Oshiomole ‘s action is good at that moment because am sure he will still help that woman after.its just for others to learn dat that cat of road hawking is bad risky even to the wowan herself and others.


  14. Bricklayer oh sorry… Bankole or what are you called? how could you have submitted those words that ‘ Oshiomole’s action was good at that moment’ pls tell us what could be good in a man openly cursing a fellow human to go and prematurely join her husband in the grave! Agreed the woman displayed her wares in a prohibited area yet Oshio should have allowed the law to take its course on the woman or no police around? I guess comrade gov.must have taken few bottles before this mission!

  15. don’t blame d governor so much bcos God has a way of turning ugly things around. d governor has apologised, d condition of d poor woman will be turned around by God’s grace.

  16. don’t blame d governor so much bcos God has a way of turning ugly things around. d governor has apologised, d condition of d poor woman will be turned around by God’s grace.

  17. If Oshiomole feels as a widow, the woman deserves to die then he also is worth the same wish he has for the woman since he is a widower.

  18. Oshi omo le’s action could’ve actually be justifiable but his words marked him as the most wicked human (Governor) in the world.
    Mr Governor show a little kindness!!!

  19. The law does not respect status widow or widower. But the Gov.’s outburst is uncalled for, uncivilised, and embarrassing to all of us. There is no justification for a leader to use such uncultured remark in a public. He would have simply arrest and refer her to a mobile court for adjudication.

  20. I think sense, wisdom, and intelligence demands that before you condemn Adams Oshomhole, you should findout what transpired between the widow and him. She’s not the only widow in the state and the governor didn’t say the same thing to all of them.
    What exactly led to the governor’s rash word to her? Until this is done, and wisdom applied in judgement, courtesy demands that you just shut up your mouths for heavens sake.

  21. patrick you must be insane or in the same secreat cult with oshemole for you not to see that he was purly inhuman he just acted exatly like what he is (wolf in sheep clothing) all people should know that all that gliters are no golds. This is not the first time i have had of oshemole’s evil coments from a reliable source. He belong to the devil


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