[PHOTOS] Activists Embarrass Governor Fashola At Baba Omojola’s Burial, Call Him Thief

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola was embarrssed at the home late political activist, Baba Omoloja.


As Fashola arrived for Omoloja’s lying-in-state at his family’s residence in Surulere, Lagos State, he was greeted with embarrassing songs from activists.

The governor alongside his convoy were unable to gain access into the premises because a van that contained speakers blaring comradely songs for the activists at the venue was blocking the way.

The activists insisted Fashola alight from his car and walk into the premises like others did as as he stepped down from his car, walking into the premises, the activists started chanting anti-oppressor government songs. Some lines in their songs tagged the governor “Ole-ole”, translating to the calling the governor a  thief.

The activists also substituted imperative words into their chorus, asking Mr. Fashola to leave the event to avoid his further embarrassment.

It was not known whether the governor had intention to stay long enough to address participants, but he left soon as the chants by activists gained more tempo.

When asked why they embarrassed Mr. Fashola at the event, the activists said that the governor was only a hypocrite pretending to be familiar with the late Baba Omojola.

A comrade said: “You won’t believe they (government) don’t allow Baba into their office whenever he was there on pressing public issues that affect the masse. But now that Baba is dead, Fashola is now here to show fake familiarity”

“They did same when Gani Fawehinmi died. They hated him when he was alive because he spoke bitter truth to them and also challenged them to court especially on fake Toronto certificate of Tinubu, but after his death, they began pretending they were best of friends with him and began creating park and programs to deceive the public”, a civil society leader who was present during the incidence said.

“They are all hypocrites and we will continue to embarrass them if they won’t stop insulting us to our face by pretending they were friends with our gone heroes”, a protester said.

The Lagos State Government tarred the Chief Onitana Street where Baba Omojola lived as part of gestures for his funeral. During a brief chat with journalist, Akinola Omojola son of the deceased commented that it takes a prominent person to die for Government to repair a road in Nigeria.

Source: Sahara Reporters


  1. No reason for this kind of conduct by the activists to embarrass the Governor at such occasion ,why did they have to wait till this time to express their grievance against the governor,afterall they are activists!


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