Official Statement by Mavin Records on Wande Coal’s Exit



So Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records has decided to cut all ties between him and former friend and protege – Wande Coal.

An official statement from Mavin Records regarding Wande Coal’s exit from the label.

Read it below: –

It is with deep regret that we officially announce the departure of recording artist Wande Ojosipe, popularly known as Wande Coal, from Mavin Records due to irreconcilable differences.

Over the past few months, Mavin Records has made a concerted move to consolidate its position in the Nigerian music industry. Mavin has pursued a renewed ethos to raise its standards of quality and professionalism to a world-class level. Wande’s vision has not aligned with ours and a few months ago all parties mutually agreed that a separation would be the best course of action.
Legal parties on both sides have spent the past six months trying to reach an amicable solution in terms of musical property rights. However the decision by Wande Coal to release ‘Baby Face’ purportedly as his own material is a direct breach of intellectual property law and compelled an immediate clarification on our part.
Both Mavin Records and Wande Coal have enjoyed a remarkable run in the course of their working relationship. It is unfortunate that conflicting priorities contributed to the premature curtailment of a hitherto fruitful accord.
Mavin Records reaffirms its goal to constantly provide high quality music to our fans and introduce new and exciting talent into the industry.
We wish Wande Coal the best of luck in all his future endeavours.
Mavin Records Ltd


  1. This is for one Uduak that wrote about what is happening concerning Donjazzy and Wande coal- Uduak if u are so good at analyzing your life than you do others, you would have been harping your achievements and not others. If you think because you have the freedom to write whatever you like gives you the right to disrepect others then I think you are indeed the foolish one. Mr wise go and set up something so that people can criticize your work. If Wande coal were sensible he wouldn’t have done what he did. The fact remains he cannot get anywhere without Donjazzy. The kick n rotate that have been his recents hits had Donjazzy’s hands in it. If he really was going independent, he should have come out with something original. History has proven that those that had parted ways with Donjazzy struggle afterwards. D’banj was far bigger than wande coal that is why-though struggling- D’banj still has a face in the industry. I hope Wande coal does not fizzle out.

  2. The problem with our nigerian artiste is that every one of them are alwayz in a haste to become CEO of a recording label nd also their friends,siblings nd loved ones don’t advise them wisely.they also contribute to this menace,coz their vision is alwayz channelled towards money,not minding his competency to deliver.


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