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‘My Next Target Is To Build An Aeroplane’ – 17-Yr-Old Engineering Prodigy Says



A 17-year-old secondary school student, Ismaila Suraju, has built a planting machine and a locally-made power generator that uses water and batteries, among others.

surajuThe boy doesn’t plan to stop, he says his next goal is to build an aeroplane. Ismaila also claims to have a know-how to create a gadget that can frustrate election riggers in Nigeria.

When the student was younger, he had to make a pair of slippers out of a cardboard to protect his feet from the scorching soil of the farm path.

The necessity of protecting his face from the sun also made him create a baseball cap, then cars, train, grinding machines, all with the same cardboard.

Half way through his secondary education, Suraju graduated into using aluminum sheets in making not only miniature automobiles, such as fire extinguishing vans, excavators, but a large size planting machine that can be used for planting, as well.

“Anything I see, I will like to do. We went for competition. I saw some people do a motorcycle they were riding. I said I would do a planting machine in a form of a vehicle that a person can drive. I thought in our country we don’t have planting machines. Farmers are suffering. Then I took iron and aluminum sheets. I first did a small one that a small boy can enter. Then I did a bigger one. I used wheelbarrow tyres, iron from metal bed, electric motor and motorcycle gearbox to make it,” the teenager says.

The boy has also built a miniature boat with aluminum sheets and radio motors. Thus, it can move forward or backward when powered by dry cell batteries.

However, Suraju believes that he could do more with if he had better training and access to materials.

A power generator, introduced by the young prodigy, is powered by dry battery cells and water. He showed how to use the generator to charge a cell phone battery and the standing fan he made himself.

What is more, the boy also has the solution that will help to handle Nigeria’s electoral malpractices.

The solution is a laptop-like device he fabricated which he calls “electronic voting system”. He demostrated how voting is recorded on a pair of screens that look like those of small calculators. The “electronic voting system” is equipped with a central screen made of a translucent plastic with voting approval and disapproval written on either halves of it.

When he inserts a card that has voted into the voting box, the half that disapproves of voting will be lighted from within. If the one that has not voted, but registered is inserted, the half that approves of voting will be lighted.

Suraju has managed to embody several ideas of his and now plans to develop new projects for the benefit of the country.

“I want to be a mechanical engineer. I want technology to go forward in our country, Nigeria. We need to develop technology. I want to make a bigger excavator that human beings can enter, and it will be working,” Suraju says.

Though he has created a miniature airplane, Suraju is confident he can built a big one that will carry people.

Suraju’s maternal grandfather Malam Isa, who has raised the young talent, is proud of his grandson and always helps him with money to buy some of the things he needs.

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  1. Asfat

    November 10, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    Good boy! Future engr potential teenager! But my advice is look for better country that will warrant you to fulfill your ambition other than nigeria.

  2. gbejula

    November 10, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    Great future awaits this young boy. Hope our government will invest in young people like this who can develop Nigeria.

  3. poco

    November 30, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    did i ‘hear’ he made an airplane? Dis guy’s gud. I’m thrilled

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Offa Polytechnic Student Union Government Gives Merit Award To Cultist Groups



Offa State Polytechnic student union government gives merit award to cultist groups in the school.

According to a Twitter user, Ifemosu Michael wrote;

“When you think you have seen it all… Student Union Government of Offa Polytechnic gave merit Awards to Secret Cults in the school. Hey Lawd!!!”

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Man Excited As Davido Gifts Him 1M After Making A Video On His Birthday



Man gets excited as Davido gifts him 1M after making a video on his birthday.

Taking to his Twitter handle to share the gist, DJ Peejay wrote;

“DAVIDO JUST SENT ME 1 MILLION cos of the video I made on his birthday”

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Water tank driver accuses Duncan Mighty of assaulting him in Rivers




Self-acclaimed Port Harcourt First Son, Duncan Mighty is currently trending on social media for the wrong reasons.

A water tank driver, Okabam John has accused singer, Duncan Mighty of assaulting him in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

It was gathered that the incident reportedly happened on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at about 9:40am when the driver was on duty.

Narrating his ordeal to some Civil Rights Activists on Tuesday November 24, after he was allegedly discharged from the hospital, John, a native of Elele Town in Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state and an employee of Julius Berger Nigeria Limited, claimed that the musician struck him on the head with a traditional staff made of elephant tusk.

According to the driver, while on duty a private car was parked close to his water filling spot. He tried notifying the driver who refused to wind down. He reportedly bent his head to talk to the driver only to discover it was Duncan Mighty.

John said that before he could speak, the singer allegedly struck his head using a traditional staff. He said the second strike was blocked with his hand. He claimed that he could not see when the singer drove off as his eyes were covered with blood.

Confirming the incident on Tuesday, one Ndubueze Obodowhuo, accused Duncan Mighty of using his VIP status to intimidate his people. He also shared a ‘medical report’ stating that John was treated for “shoulder dislocation and scalp laceration.”

Mr John is now calling on his employer, the management of Julius Berger, Security Agencies and Human Rights Organisations to help him get justice. His post below:

“This is Mr. OKABAM JOHN a native of Elele town in Ikwerre LGA of Rivers State, he’s currently employed by JULIUS BERGER NIG.PLC in Port Harcourt and his service engagement is within Judges quarters elelenwo-street, GRA Port Harcourt.

“According to Mr. OKABAM JOHN a Water-tank driver with Julius Berger, Tanker number – B8751, On Saturday 21st of November 2020 at about 9:40am while he was on duty. A private car was parked close to his water filling spot, he tried notifying the driver who refused to wine down, he bent his head to talk with the driver surprisingly, it was Duncan mighty.

“Before he could explain, his head was struck by Duncan mighty using a traditional staff(Elephant tusk), the second strike was blocked with his hand. He(Okabam John) didn’t see how the artist drove off because, blood covered his eyes at that moment.

“Mr. Okabam John narrated this incident after being discharged from the hospital. Duncan doesn’t show up when he’s publicly needed, rather he uses his VIP influence to undo his people. Celebrities should be celebrated by their positivity, their influence shouldn’t pose danger to the society rather it should serve as liberation to the people.

“Mr. OKABAM JOHN is calling on the management of Julius Berger, Security Agents and Human Rights Organisations for justice to be done in his case, to avoid a re-occurance.”

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