Mum Sentenced For Beating Her Daughter Until She Went Blind


A jury in Tarrant County on Thursday took about two hours to convict a 33-year-old mother of beating one of her kids. April Chavunne Brown was sentenced to 27 years behind bars for knowingly causing serious bodily injury to a child. The brutal beating left Brown’s 6-year-old daughter blind and developmentally disabled.

The incident took place in April 2012. Brown’s daughter arrived at the hospital with swollen eyes, broken front teeth, a gash on her chin and bruises all over her body. The mother said that the child was injured when she fell during a seizure. But a series of medical tests also showed that the young girl had traumatic brain injuries, scars on her back, bed sores and several broken bones. Plus, she was malnourished. The 6-year-old child stayed in the hospital recovering for more than a month.

Prosecutors presented this as evidence of long-term child abuse.

During the investigation, Brown admitted to disciplining her kids with a wooden paddle or belt, but denied allegations of child abuse. Police found a cable and a bat in the 6-year-old girl’s room. According to DNA tests, the items contained traces of the victim’s blood.



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