Meet Jaime Hindma, Who Saves Bodies and Souls for JESUS by Stripping!


One former stripper is making it her life’s work to go into strip clubs, not to ogle or dance, but to evangelize.

Jaime Hindman, 35, is hoping to save women’s bodies and souls. She founded the group called “Divine” in Orange County, California. The group is part of a nationwide network of like-minded ministries called “Strip Church.”

Hindman admits she’s not exactly Mother Theresa, “but where did Jesus hang out?” she asked. “Who is going to go back and love these girls? Someone’s gotta do it.”

“Nightline” followed Hindman and her group through a night of club hopping, not to party but to distribute care packages to strippers.

Hindman worked as a stripper for three years and ended up with zero self-esteem, hating men. She said she was raped by one of her customers and claims “100 percent” of strippers are sexually assaulted or raped on the job. Now she spends Saturday nights stuffing pink paper bags with sugary treats, nail polish, makeup and and Christian literature in hopes to win over other dancers.


  1. Leovido the small, u are so ignorant of what dis lady is doing, hw disillusioned can u be urself!?? U don’t know what God is doing through this lady…ur capacity for stupidity is enomous!

  2. She is not doing it well. She must not strip to preach. Sometimes dark angels often disguise themselves as angels of light. But, by their fruits, they shall be known. Why must she strip?


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