Jonathan Ready To Leave Aso Rock In 2015?

Jonathan office

There has been speculations and controversies over President Goodluck Jonathan’s political ambitions, but the president has never said if he has the intention of running for a second term in office.

With fingers crossed over whether the President would run for office or not in 2015, his recent statement might have given away some information.

President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, pledged that his administration will do everything possible to eradicate polio virus in Nigeria next year saying that he will not hand over polio to the incoming government in 2015.

Jonathan said this at an award ceremony for best performing state governors from the six geopolitical zones on the eradication of polio.

“Like Dangote mentioned there is no reason we should not eradicate polio by 2014. Let me assure you that the federal government is totally committed to eradicating polio. We promise that we will work hard because we don’t want to handover polio to another government in 2015,” President Jonathan said.

This may not mean anything, but it may also mean deep down inside the Bayelsa man, he has no intention of running for office in 2015. But then, all we can do for now is keep our fingers crossed. 2015 is just around the corner.

Speaking further at the event, Jonathan said, “With the support of all stakeholders present here I believe we will succeed in our commitment to eradicate polio.

“I charge you all to be so committed especially as the elections are coming. In fact from the analysis I was just briefed now I’m really surprised that in 2011 there was lapse and it was attributed to the elections, that during campaigns for elections we the politicians think more about winning the elections and forget about other things. I charge you all that we must work together to make sure that the 2014/2015 will not create any kind of gap in our commitment to eradicate polio.

“In our local government and states that have suffered polio, it should be part of our campaign, it should rather be part of our campaign instead of our election to create a problem, our elections should enhance our commitment.

“We should all feel ashamed that we are being accused of exporting polio to neighbouring countries” the president said.


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