I’m A Better Prostitute Than You: Afrocandy VS Maheeda

I can’t believe this is actually happening.

Old mama, AfroCandy who’s a single mother of two is not only proud that she is making money with her body but she also thinks she’s better off than Maheeda.

She indirectly calls out Maheeda and says that she’s better off because Maheeda is only revealing her body cheaply on social media to gather fans and not make money.

See her tweet below: –


  1. all dis women nakeding demselves are really candidates of satan to hell but been a God of mercy dere is still a second chance 4 u come to christ he is callin u maheeda

  2. lt really hurt me when I see ladies showing there nakedness in social medias, this means really world come to an end. They are candidates of shatan in hell fire


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