How To Get A Woman To Agree To Marry You

There are many reasons why a woman will accept a man’s proposal. On the other hand, there are many reasons she could walk out on you.

Do women call it quits after you have invested all your feelings and all in the relationship? Here are steps to make her say ‘yes’

You are not hasty

Until she sees you as someone she can end up with as a partner, don’t be so eager to start discussing moving in together or having babies.

You  don’t use bad words

Avoid using bad and derogatory words in the presence of a lady.

You observe table manners

Do not to lick the plate, burp or avoid using cutlery when eating.  Also it is not very decent to chew and talk at the same time.

You don’t come cheap

Cheap behaviour has nothing to do with your inability to shower the lady with expensive gifts. It is in the way you react to expenses.  Though it is general knowledge that times are tough, worrying over every penny makes you look cheap and a little mean.

You don’t talk about your ex

When you talk about your ex all the time, she is bound to come to a conclusion that you are not over her.  Also, you may be over her but talking about her shows that you are not taking your girl friend for granted. No woman likes competition. Visible or otherwise.

You are not mummy’s boy

Your mother definitely has an important role to play in your life. But that does not mean you have to consult her on every decision you make. Once you have grown past the age of 18, your mother should not be buying your underwear or telling you who to date. Moreover, get an apartment and be independent of your parents!

You don’t brag always

It is a major turn off when you talk about yourself always. Slow down and ask the lady a question once in a while. Engage in conversation that is not focused on your achievements and challenges.

You are not artificial

Every woman loves a compliment, but if you hand out compliments too often, it will be obvious that you are just trying to get into her good books. It sounds pretentious and women don’t like it. Also, if you don’t agree with what she is saying, you are free to say so. Nodding in agreement to everything is a huge turn-off.

You are not socially inept

Behave well when you are in public.  Say “please” and “thank you”.

Have moderate sex expectations

Not every woman can be a tiger in bed. If you are too demanding, she may run.


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