Genevieve Nnaji Shows Off Gold-Plated iPhone PLUS SEE What She Wore To The Okoye’s Wedding

Actress Genevieve Nnaji sure is living the life.


She joins the list of trendy celebs rocking the new gold-plated iPhone and shared a photo of it with her fans.

The actress was also spotted at The Okoye’s wedding rocking a really stylish dress.


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  1. Genevieve, this market shall soon close down.A woman of materials without a husband has no home,no future and no glory.I pray that u live long enough to see the dis-benefits of ur attitude to men. Give ur children a home.not a Mansion.Husbands are never on display like i-phone.It is difficult for a comfortable woman to get an appropriate partner, for her desire runs counter to her need.

  2. Y nt mind ur own business,nd let her be @lease she’s nt displayn her breast or an indicent dressn displayn an I pkone is better dan dt so pls mind ur own business nd leave genevieve alone she didit beg 4 d photo dy did snap her becos of her personality if u av d moni spendn it its nt a problem only poor men read meaning 2 everi little tin if she doest av a husband its her choice everione knws wt inches them oooooo pls dear I love ur outfit

  3. @Sola,u’v said it all and @Ola, pple like u alwz find it dificult to face/say the truth! So, if Genevieve happens to be ur sister, u wil kep celebrating her for flaunting expensive worldly materials @ d expense of her “future” rite?no wonder u her after wat she’s wearing, forgeting she’s in her late 30’s but looking mid 50s, no thanks to “make_up”. Dnt wory, mayb u’l personaly take her to redemption camp/ Synagoue or evn marry her as 2nd wife wen her time is up.. .vanity upon vanity!

  4. U pple should let her b one can not have everything u desire in life who says she is not bothered about her situation but do u expecther to be showing bad face about it all around.let her foget her sorrow and enjoy her hard earned money.

  5. Poor men will always envy,its not anyone’s business if she isn’t married,its her private n personal live… U that claims to b a man,can your wife(that’s if u have any)talk where Genevieve is??? What rubbish?frustrated men pls mind your businesses.

  6. U ppls should leave her alo, God has bless her, so 4 dat she should enjoy her money on till God will bless her wit her own husband. Nigeria live Genevieve Nnaji alo pls

  7. This world is just vanity upon vanity,i don’t pray her to be one of my 6tas,i swear if i had an opportunity to talk to her,i will tell her the truth which is JESUS.Jesus said that ‘i am the way,the truth and the life,no one comes to the FATHER except through me,my people check ur ways,are u still in-line with JESUS’ sayings,are u not going astray?All this things that are happening are the signs of end time,BRETHREN, BECAREFUL!!!

  8. Everyone has his or her life to live,am not gonna live urs and u are NT gonna live mine but we definitely have to face the truth. Having many mansions,buying expensive wrist-watches,cars,phones and so on is not a credit to make heaven. You are been celebrated on earth but the question is are you been celebrated in heaven? Think about it.

  9. Guys weather Genevieve is married or not dat shouldnt be a problem to u, i ve read alot of books & non of de book says u must marry. So i don’t see anything wrong if she has decided 2 remain single

  10. I think Genevive Nnaji is entitle 2 d way she wanted 2 her life she shud be left alone 2 bother abt d problem in her life it’s personal 2 her not anybody. But wat i think is she shud just being modest abt wat she wears d kind of pple she associated wit nd above all d best advice 4 her is 2 seek heaven diligently.

  11. All you deluded bigots using religious fallacies to propagate your agendas, get off her back. Marriage has nothing to do with religion (check your history), and so should her life with yours. If you don’t like the fact that she has a glided iPhone, it’s your problem and that’s the talking point not her relationship status.
    The institution of marriage is a big fat joke, a man giving away his prized possession for something else in return.

  12. U guys av 4goten pastors dat owns private jets.u r here judging sum1 dat wrks hard 2 buy fone 4 herself,is it by force 2 marry? African mentality of ‘must marry’ mtcheeeeeew!

  13. Her relationship status does not matter!
    Classy ladies keep it classy. It’s her hard-earned money n she’s gonna spend it d way she likes n on anything she likes.
    It’s her life she’s living n no one can stop her. I just love her quiet-classy way. She’s a mentor!

    Nice dress/


  15. as long as her ways pleases God. she is certainly on track. maybe she is satisfied with she have (daughter). and so she in her late 30’so so? that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a shinning knight. easy on her please fans.

  16. She’s a wealthy, independent woman who’s capable of deciding what or what is’nt worth spending money on. And why the hell do y’all feed the need to say she’s not married. Did she tell U she she’s nt hapi single? What’s so special ’bout getin’ hitched?


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