For Married Couples – 5 Ways to have a Great Time before Making Love

Are you married? Do you want to have a great sex life? Follow these tips carefully….
1. Unzip, Unhook and Caress

Generously caress and then undress your partner. While it is easier to undress on your own, it is better you initiate and remove your partner’s clothes and seduce them with your ‘one step at a time’ approach. Wriggle your hands into each other’s tops/t-shirts/shirts before pulling them off. Unzip, unhook and take a moment to look at each other’s bodies (don’t gawk!) and shower some words of appreciation.

3. Nibble and talk dirty

For you are excited and so is your tongue! Talk dirty and let your throbbing desires find voice while you are cuddling your partner with quality foreplay. Nibble on your partner’s ears and whisper some dirty words. This will stimulate their imagination and give a much needed adrenalin rush

4. Dance and Seduce

Dance is a tried and tested tool of seduction. Even if either of you doesn’t know how to shake a leg and claim to have ‘two left feet’ you must know that an imperfect dance move as well can pave way for a night that you will remember for a long time. Sway your bodies together with music and strip (if you haven’t yet) as the sexual tension builds up.

5. Massage and Have a Hot Water Bath

Take turns into giving each other a hot oil massage and touch each other’s erogenous zones sensuously. You might not be an accomplished masseur but your magic potion will work if you give sensuous and erotic strokes on the shoulder, back, thighs and feet. Avoid private areas because foreplay is meant to be a teaser. Play light music, light some scented candles, and take it to the next level when ready



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