British Couple Apologizes to Burglars for Not Having More Valuables


An English couple who were hit by burglars while they were out have written a letter of apology for not having more items worth stealing.

Kate Barrett of Northampton told the Northampton Herald & Post that composing the letter and posting it on the front door helped her see the humorous side of what had been a horrible experience. The break-in occurred Sunday while she was in London attending a live performance of “Strictly Come Dancing,” the British equivalent of “Dancing with the Stars,” and her partner, Dan Owens, was visiting his parents.

“As you now know, we don’t have particularly expensive tastes so there’s no need to come in again, unless you would like to take my collection of VHS videos and cassettes — Dan is very disappointed you didn’t take these first time round,” Barrett said in the note.

Police in Northamptonshire said the burglars, who broke a pane of glass in a back door, did find some stuff worth stealing, including a camera, iPod, Seiko gold watch, cufflinks “with pheasant motif,” other jewelry and money.

Owen called the burglary “an awful experience.” He said the worst part was knowing someone had gone through their belongings.

“Fortunately, we don’t really own anything particularly valuable or sentimental,” Owen said. “It’s just a shame they didn’t take more of our tat. I’ve been meaning to take it to the tip for ages, they could have saved me a job.”




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