Boy Finds Name of ‘Allah’ On Last Crunchie Chocolate Biscuit in The Packet


A schoolboy was stunned to find the word ‘Allah’ on the last chocolate biscuit in the packet.

Little Imran Abdur-Rahman, seven, spotted the Arabic letters in his Cadbury’s Crunchie biscuit he was about to scoff.

Dad Mohammed, 36, who took the picture, told the Manchester Evening News: “He recognised it straight away and came running to me.

“I looked at it and I was surprised to see that was exactly what it was.

“Imran is not very patient and when he’d shown it to me he said ‘dad, give it back now. I want to eat it.’

“It all happened quite quickly, I was not thinking at all, but I did manage to hold on to it for a while.”

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time the family has received a mysterious message from God.

In 1997 dad Mohammad found ‘Allah’ inside a tomato while working at his brother’s takeaway in Bolton.

But the dad-of-four, who lives in Chadderton, Greater Manchester, has modestly shrugged off his discoveries.

“These things happen now and then,” the human resource manager said.


The latest discovery is one of a series of mysterious markings found on fruit, vegetables and even fish, which appear to resemble religious calligraphy.

In 2006 a pet shop owner in Rossendale, Lancashire, claimed to have spotted the Arabic script on the body of a tropical fish.

And in 2011 a Scottish woman found ‘Allah’ in a potato while peeling spuds to make samosas.

A man from Salford also claims to have  snapped the face of Jesus in his frying pan after burning a pancake in 2010.

Commenting on the discoveries, Mohammed added: “It’s very interesting.

“When I worked in my brother’s takeaway we sliced open a tomato and there it was, as clear as daylight. We kept it for a while and people came to have a look at it and touch it.”

“We believe in God and that he can reveal himself in many different ways, but I never imagined it to be in a biscuit.”

A spokesman for confectionery giant Cadbury’s did not want to comment on the discovery.




  1. I wonder what some people take other people to be. How would someone wake up in the morning and start thinking how he would tell lie and deceive others ? If name of Allah is said by someone to have been found on tooth paste or yam tuber or pan cake how does such a transform to d truth ? Pls stop this lies. It is too absurd.

  2. Dat was 2 cheap, Jesus communicater wit His people and stil confirms it wit miracles like healing, deliverance and dat shows His awesome power beyond doubt. If Allah is talking 2 u, pls ask him 4 confirmation through miracle of healings in public where witnesses be found. Not an inscribed word on biscuit, is too cheap Sir.
    We’r nt convinced try again.

  3. I my self also found a shall at the beach site in india in chennai, kamathur. with the name of Allah written in Arabic word and i picked it and kept so that people can see the mightyness of Allah. I found it inside the pieces i picked up and Allah shows it to me directly.

  4. The method is too cheap for an average atiest to believe if such allah exist.Inscription on buscuits or walls tells us that they can be erassed wen placed side by side with the truth. We have which can not be erassed, its incribed in our heart not buscuits…Jesus Christ. Try harder


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