Boko Haram, Crude Oil Theft: Nigerians Need A Competent Person As President

Amaechi 4The Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, on Thursday said rising insecurity and crude oil theft in Nigeria is influenced by poverty.

Mr. Amaechi stated this in London during a presentation on “Security and Human Rights in the Niger Delta.”

“We need a Nigerian president who will rule the country as a nation; for instance, the issues of Boko Haram, kidnapping and oil theft are poverty related.”

“When people are not meaningfully engaged, they become willing tools for destruction.”

“Government has to create opportunities for people to be educated and engaged,” he said.

He also stressed the need for government to deal with the issue of impunity, saying “we are talking about oil theft and nobody has gone to jail”.

“If we deal with the issues of impunity and poverty, oil theft will reduce, kidnapping and other crimes will be on the decline; this we can do by collaborating with the local and international communities,” Mr. Amaechi said.

The governor said that his administration had put in place various initiatives and schemes in the areas of agriculture, health and education.

“We have built and equipped 500 primary schools with ICT facility” to empower our youths,” he said.

According to him, providing social security through basic amenities is vital to Nigeria’s development.

Among Mr. Amaechi’s audience were some members of the British House of Commons who suggested the use of surveillance aircraft as a better means of tackling incessant cases of oil theft and bunkering in Nigeria.

They said that better surveillance would ensure direct information gathering on what quantity of oil is being stolen and those involved in the crime.

They said that oil theft, insecurity, and environmental degradation were big challenges which required rapid response and synergies between states and the Federal Government.

The members also noted the increased level of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, saying that the development had made it difficult for seafarers to go to West Africa.

Nigeria has sought assistance of the international community in tackling oil theft by calling for close monitoring and prosecution of companies and individuals involved in the illegal trade.

The event was attended by some Nigerians in the Diaspora and Rivers State students on scholarship scheme in the U.K.




  1. This man have spoke well and i think many good Nigerian will open their eyes and see that we need change of Government in our nation Nigeria.

  2. Even white men recognize focussed and inspiring leaders when they see one, Amaechi is an embodiment of intelligence and dignity! These are the leaders we need in nigeria, not clueless ones! May God uphold him and Nigeria!

  3. Even the international community recognises focussed and inspiring leaders when they see one, Amaechi is an embodiment of intelligence and dignity! These are the leaders we need in nigeria, not clueless despot! May God uphold him and Nigeria!

  4. Mr. Ameachi! You’ve got no point. They are all from your state and how many people have been arrested and prosecuted.
    I will advise you take time to ponder on your actions! Your actions are weighed and you are surely found wanting!

    You talk more without any action! With all the revenues generated in Rivers State, what is the development you’ve added to the place.

  5. Gov. Ameachi, a rare Nigerian, ever bold and courageous. The presidency using their cronies tried 2 make u a lame dock but they never knew u re such a dogged-fighter and a firm believer of a just course. As it stands 2day, ur profile has risen above National 2 Int’l. You sacrificed ur personal joy 4 the freedom and liberty of others. Ur giant strides in education stands u out and history ll reward u.

  6. Governor Ameachi hs a private refinery in Ghana, he’s part of d Oil theft, him & his cronies steal crude oil & take it to dre refineries, refine dem & bring dem here to sell 4 us. He single handedly sponsored d opposition candidate dt lost to d incumbent President in d last Ghanaian Presidential Election. Wat r all dis sycophant talking as if dey r saints for?

    His giant stride in Education ws a product of Prof. Paste Hu within 5months in office as Commissioner of Education achieved all wat Ameachi is making noise wit today, This Professor was d only Nomination frm President Jonathan in his Government but dis man ws unceremoniously removed frm office within 5 months into his 1st tenure bcos he ws not a “believer”, according to dem, even without recourse to d President Hu nominated him. D N113b Ameachi has waisted on d Monorail Project dt is not upto 1km wld Hv finished all d internal roads in PH, compare PH to Uyo, Port Harcourt is a slum, yet dis is d same PDP Government.

    Go to Igwuruta where he earmarked to use as Greater PH, Ameachi took ancestral lands frm d villagers, sum r widows & frm dos lands dey farm & sell dre produce to take dre children to school, Ameachi took dre lands @ N300k per plot & he is selling it to his cronies & friends @ N5m/plot even wen dey begged him to increase it to N1m a plot jst to empower his fellow Ikwere widows wit no other source of livelihood, he refused.

    D students dey sent to school in Canada & other countries r being rejected, sum result to taking up menial jobs to pay dre fees, my cuzin Hu ws sent we had to contribute money to pay 4 her fees & living expenses into d school account after she ws sent out of class
    No road in PH is motorable, any small rain in PH, d whole town comes to a standstill, u spend 4 hrs on a 30min journey, a Government dt Pensioners wld Hv to come demonstrate b4 dey r paid dre pension, civil servants r owed up to 2nd wk of a new month. Teachers r not been paid 4 7months now, my Mum is a Teacher, I know how she fares cos it’s affecting me. Going to London to preach like a saint. May God forgive u all…


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