5 Unique and Best Date Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife


Pregnancy is that phase of a woman’s life when she needs constant love and support from her spouse. Dear hubbies, this is the time to let your expecting wife know that you are there with her all the way (till that beautiful bundle of joy is in your hand) and beyond! As she is physically and psychologically going through changes, shower her with love by taking her out for a romantic date. But, ditch the conventional date setups, and do something unexpecting for your expecting wife that would prove to her that you not only love her, but also care for your baby. Here are a few ideas for you:

1. A date at a preschool

Pregnancy has its share of ups and downs. So, to get past the times when you and your wife are filled with uncertainty about the impending child birth, set up a date in your neighbourhood preschool. The vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter of the children will quickly create warmth in your heart, which will replace any niggling doubts about the arrival of your adorable baby. So, hubbies, make your wife feel special by surrounding her by an environment as vibrant as that of a preschool.

2. A date at the kids’ store
Guys, just utter the word ‘shopping’ and experience its magic on your sweetheart’s face. Now, add to this a romantic date setup as well. You read it right!
Date steup: Find a kids’ store around that would fit your perfect date idea. Book the place and arrange for a date there. This will definitely be a surprise for your wife as she enters the store with the idea of just shopping and sees a dinner table there. So, pick up clothes for your little one, browse for cribs and strollers as you enjoy a tasty dinner at the same place.

3. A date at children’s bookstore
As you did at the kid’s store, do the same at a children’s bookstore as well. Book the place and arrange a date there. Pick up books on pregnancy and child care, and marvel at the joys of a parent-child relationship. Also, sharing these books with your wife speaks of your commitment to the new addition to your family. Plus children’s bookstores always have a vibrant atmosphere around, filled with colors, toys, and books for kids and on kids.

4. Date at an amusement park
Take a day trip to an amusement park. Gorge on all those cotton candies and chocolates, and buckle up for your roller coaster ride into parenthood!! Pregnancy comes with its share of discomforts for every woman. Taking your wife to such a place will also divert her mind from her nausea and other health issues and make her enjoy amidst the company of all the children around. But one advice, just be careful on the rides that you choose and avoid those that might cause your wife any distress.

5. A date at kids’ home for underprivileged
Set up a date at a crèche for the underprivileged. Get some toys, books and food for the kids and spend a day interacting with them. Bring some happiness on their faces and feel your hearts brimming with love and joy. This will not only make your wife’s day, but also brighten the day for those less fortunate kids.

It is these affectionate moments that will make this pregnancy a beautiful journey for you and your loved one. It would also show your wife how much you love her and your baby!


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