You Won’t Believe What Senator Smart Adeyemi Reveals on Associated Airline Crash

Senator Smart Adeyemi, PDP, Kogi West, have said that the Associated Aircraft that carried the corpse of Late Agagu to Ekiti for burial and killed MIC Boss, Deji Falae and others was on test flight.

plane_lagosThe Senator based this claim on his own sources which helped him in independent investigations. Senator Adeyemi said the plane departed Lagos for Akure was on test flight and was under repairs before, therefore it was supposed to carry only engineers for the flight test and not passengers.

He further noted that the government, especially the Ministry of Aviation, had tried on facilities at the nation’s airport but that corruption was the main cause of the problems facing the sector.

Senator Adeyemi insisted that it was pertinent to know the owner of the crashed airline and those managing it. The airports are good but have problems of technical regulators which he said was neck-deep in corruption.

It would be noted that the Senate has summoned the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, Director-General of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, and the Managing Director of Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, NAMA, on October 9, 2013, Wednesday.


  1. Plane no be danfo oo. Wey u go say make u manage am go one first before taking it to the mechanic. This people needs discipline! How can there be so much carelessness in the issues of life in this land of milk and honey eeh. God dey oo

  2. This is it,corruption has gone deep into our (nigerians) flesh,if not in nigeria where can a plane on test flight board passengers.Something must be done about this nuisance.

  3. Corruption cannot, and will not be stopped through mere debates. It is an action thing. Naija requires a thorough clean up. Come to think of it: has money blinded people and sealed their consciences so much that they never care about the ‘health’ of a plane that is ferrying their fellow human beings? Those who because of bribe, cleared the ill-fated plane to fly when it was actually supposed to be first of all mechanically certified fit for flying; and the owners/managers of the plane who because they didn’t want to lose that particular flight money, put out the plane to fly; i hope their conscience (if they have any) is allowing them enjoy their loot now.
    But like i said earlier, how will all this end? Why is the senate wasting our resources on enquiries that will not produce any remedy? Why is the media boring us with stories we have heard for decades?
    In the end(as it always happens), will anyone lose their jobs? Will those carrying out the enquiry do their work sincerely by rejecting the brown envelops? May God help us.

  4. Poor they cry, so if rich also cry is 50/50, corruption who is corrupting the nation is it u or I, are they not the one corrupting the nation? Our president wife mother died of autocrash, many other like that. Better tell the nigeria government to change for better. Thanks

  5. This is the singular reason why am always afraid when flying in Nigeria.i feel safer on most international flights.corruption and corruption again when would sanity return back to aviation?


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