Wizkid’s Reaction After Performing To Empty Seats

After being shocked by the low turn out for his Abuja show, the Star Boy CEO has shown that he’s unphased.

Very early this morning, the superstar sent out the above tweet on his Timeline…… If you understand Yoruba, you’ll know what that means.

At least he got paid, full turn out or not.


  1. Why must things turnb out like ,pls wizkid try and check and balance somethings,first it was the story of collecting money anbd not pay now is low turn up in ur show .Aburo ro ri e o.may you never witness go down I Jesus name.
    Much love to you and may God help you.

  2. Eyah! Omode lo un se e. Instead of u 2 start prayn ure talkn rubish do u tink dos pple dat invited u 2 dat show wi cal u 4 anytin again nd beside did’t u knw dat is dat crowd dat wi provide d money back 2 dem nd if pple re seen dat kind of tinz dey wi nt lyk 2 cal u again. Igba ma lo ni aye eyan fi baje bt i pray dat u wi nt go back. Pls jst try 2 adjust ok.

  3. Who could does be, and what hs my bro *wizkid* don dis tym, wel oluwa is dre, but bro *wizkid* pls u will nid to be very very careful oo, but most ppl arint lyk u wot u said normally the organizer of dat show wanted to get sometin frm d ppl dat would av come for d show, pls try and drop sometin for dem incase of next tym, one love for you * omo jare jaye

  4. My guy wizzy I like u oooo but your activities this days tier me, you make my guys win me 4 1 aguiement about you and davido who is the best? Guys wey like you b4 don dey go 4 davido now because of your pride and abuise to your source of fame guy you still be small boy o no let ur song become noise to our ears @ ur age o.

  5. In everytin put God first,d turn out of people does not mean d end of d world,u are really a superstar,ur music are like hot cake,dey make sense

  6. All this thin wey people dey talk abt WIZZY na lie. I was at d show, na d upcoming stars dey do show wen all dey empty bt wen WIZKID enter stage hall was overcrowded.Make na no dey talk wetin una no no again.

  7. aiya…wizkid ma homiez don win me g arguement..o Bcoz ov ur reckless actionz awards shows nowadays…niggiez don dea backslide Dea go g Davido…….coz u no Dea kill showz again lyk B4

  8. Giving ur life to JESUS CHRIST is d most tin that concern me. Only in JESUS u can have no disappointment. Accept JESUS now and be save frm hell fire. Pls wizkid, JESUS LOVE u, accept HIM now, a second might be too late.

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  10. Life is full of up and down so why blame wizkid for d empty sit turnout non of it was is fault nd those who think davido is a beta musician dan wizkid actually dnt kw music nd don’t understand music lyrically davido sings rubbish his songs no meaning no direction he just enters d studio nd sings rubbish….if ur wizkid fan be a wizkid fan nd if u r a davido fan be is fan nd stop comparing….I beg let wizkid be wizkid ma gbo te le gan na dem get their mouth just continue doing ur thing ….real fans will stay….fuck haters

  11. yo! Nigga, let me say u gotta figure out yhu name, as a mata of fact u shuld try and rephrase or change yo name frm wizkid to wizadult, i guess dat gon help….luv u bro, no homo…hehehehehehe..(riley’s voice)


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