TOTAL PARALYSIS: ASUP Shuts Polytechnics, Joins ASUU Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, has commenced an indefinite strike, starting from Friday, October 4.

asuu-cartoonwwThis was confirmed by the ASUP president, Chibuzor Asumogba.

“Yes, of course, the strike has begun today (Friday). It’s still going on and no turning back till the Federal Government listens to us and attend to our needs; none has been satisfactorily met,” he said.

ASUP is asking for the removal of the dichotomy between HND/University graduates in placement and career progression; constitution of an effective and functional governing council for polytechnics; a white paper on visitation panels to polytechnics and a much-needed assessment of polytechnics.

The strike is expected to commence fully in polytechnics across Nigeria from next week Monday.

The polytechnic lecturers had earlier in the year embarked on a strike, for the same reasons. The strike lasted almost three months and was suspended on July 16 after the intervention of federal lawmakers. The lecturers say the government has not made concrete efforts since then to address their demands.

A similar nationwide strike by university lecturers is in its fourth month as the lecturers, ASUU, demand a full implementation of the 2009 agreement they had with the federal government.


  1. yes this people are really playing politics in the name of nigeria student all because of apc an others.. our lecturers are not responsible anymore.they aim to spoil the govt of jonathan an pdp..

  2. D leaders don make dis country Useless. Na to steal money put for deir pocket and carry go oversee. Imagine govment paying deaf ear to education. D money de na to use for unescessary things. Jonathan ur administration na useless administration.

  3. dis politics not education now…just to rule dis present president down.God Almighty, u know there real intention of doing dis, arise and fight for the poor and Lord i pray dat wip them out of the surface of this earth in Jesus name Amen.

  4. To say d fact jonata badluck denbebe administation is totally bad 4 nigeria coz is during is own time I knw fuel subcidy,boko haram,water flodding nd distroy ppls building,dead body get accident (agagu plane crash),ASUU strike,Asup strike,increament in sch. Fees.misunderstandind among PDP, I cnt even mention any good tin He say d fact JBE administration is totally bad. But all we need is prayer nd maybe change frm PDP leadership to any preferable party..but majority of us are very stupid coz during next election we will sell our future 4 #1000 dat will be giving to us by political parties nd vote 4 dem without considering our future or d out come of dose nonsense we are voting 4…nigeria youth let tink wise.

  5. congratulations nigerian students towards the celebration of the 100 days asuu strike that commenced today the 7th october 2013, nigerian fg are not even ashamed bcos they dont care abt it their children are not even studying in nigeria so why would they care about the ongoing asuu strike

  6. I ‘ve the believe that, one day God will hand over good leaders to nigeria that will lead us to the promised land as Joshua lead the Isrealite to promised land.but for now our leaders are pest and voracious humanbeing.

  7. Asup u dont have work how can u dreamed of comparing degree programme and so-called HND they entarl diff and they most b like dat u better go back to ur skul.if u dont want chit ur students.

  8. No regime in nig hd eva satisfy asuu & asup. Y ar colleges of edu lecturers not going on strike. Don‘t blame gej asuu/asup ar greedy sets of pple. Look d degree cert they use as lecturers is d same degree we use 4 work in other ministries & orgns. Asuu & asup ar d main problem in nig. Abeg just resume ur work biko

  9. Dat’s rit but degree and HND shuld b equalize cos in the short run, d degree student ar gud at theories and craming, while the HND holdas wil practicalize it 4 u. Which is beta in d long run?

  10. God in heaven is the only person to intervent in all that is hapenin in this country. Nigeria is my country but the ways of politics is not as that of believers. God as you sent your son Jesus for our sins, please sent the holyspirit for our deliverance.

  11. some wil neva b gr8 cos oF their thoughs.imagine a fool saying HND should b under People like u wil neva bcom A leader cos d leadershiP oF abacha wil bE d best compared 2 urz.

  12. well all hope not lost yet,d current FG policy secures only there political ambitn looking 4ward to 2015 election,well ASUP is ready to fyt d battle to d end base on dere own demand nt majorly on d equality of HND/BSC/BTEC or so,it is a want of polyte student。。。lets wait to see wia dis strike ends。ALUTA CONTINUA!!!


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