‘Seal Aso Rock, Akwa Ibom Lodge Now Or…’ – nPDP

The Kawu Baraje faction of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has called for the immediate sealing of the Presidential Villa, Akwa Ibom State Governor’s Lodge and other venues where political meetings allegedly holds, if the action of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, on the Adamawa Governor’s Lodge, was to be justified.

6gamaechiThis was stated by its National Publicity Secretary, Chukwuemeka Eze. In his argument he said that since President Goodluck Jonathan holds political meetings in the Presidential Villa and PDP Governors also meet in the Akwa Ibom Governor’s Lodge, both places should be sealed alongside the Adamawa governor’s lodge.

If they are serious about what they are suggesting about the Adamawa Governor’s Lodge, they should go ahead and make sure they close Akwa Ibom Governor’s Lodge, Legacy House, and any other place political meetings are held.

“If they do so within 48 hours, we will not go to court. We have already instructed our lawyers to take legal action. We want them to apologise to the Adamawa people. These are extra conditions we are giving them. So, they should seal wherever they are doing political meetings, even the Aso Rock because it is for all Nigerians. Anything above that is not acceptable” he said.

The Special Adviser to the FCT Minister, Mr. Nosike Ogbuenyi has however described  the nPDP’s demand as laughable because, according to him, the Presidential Villa, Akwa Ibom State Lodge had not been converted to party secretariat as the faction had done with the Adamawa Governor’s Lodge.

“That is a different issue, villa is just one and nobody has converted it to a party secretariat. The Akwa Ibom Governor’s Lodge has not been turned to a party secretariat. So, it is a different issue,” he said.

Meanwhile, Osita Okechukwu, a stalwart of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, and spokesperson of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, CNPP, speaking on the matter, said although the ministry’s action was condemnable, members of the Baraje faction of PDP should quit the ruling party.


  1. The gov is respecting the rule of law that’s is why the so called nPdP will continure disturbing the activities of the GoV,because the GCFR is not a moslem,period.burnch of idiots…

  2. The 7 goat governors are confused, idiots who think Nigeria is meant 4d north. I dn’t blame anyone rada the scape goat frm Rivers (Ameachi), chukwuemeka and retired almajare (Rochas) who hv shown dat in every twelve, Judas must b.
    Dis jst d begining.

  3. The said New PDP fools are just making mockery of themselves and their followers who choose to be used falsely for an unachievable course to battle the President of their own Country because they seek his position and don’t want to challenge him in Electoral process or pools rather they want to enslave him with false hood and fake documents against him. Am glad that it wouldn’t be quite long before you G7 and Baraje would be used as escape goats for the Nation to respect constituted authorities and Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Betrayals begats death as recorded in the Bible any who wants to vie for Presidency should do his work and Canvas himself rather than black mail an aspirant as foreseen. Respect the Right of others before you cry foul play. Hahahahahahahaha lost children are now been called NewPDP

  4. Please Nigeria are human Rights not aware of this moves made by those so called G7 Governors and their New PDP asking the President not contest 2015 poll as an agreement with them to restore Peace in our Nation? Isn’t against the Law for a group to put one under durex to endorse against his desire or is it because there services are now for sale like what we have seen them come to do in Rivers State were the state Governor pay them to join him over heat the polity of the State. Hmmmm may God help us Nigerians because its now clear that all the challenges encountered are politically motivated to bring Mr President down but the God of Isaac,Daniel and Abraham will grant him success through all these greedy fellows under the Umbrella of new PDP. Governor Amaechi we know you ever since we aren’t surprise over your dramas and position to blackmail our President na for poll we go tell you how far. Power comes from God and Not man. It seems your psychiatric drugs have expired we can see. Shameless and a Lawless mugu’s keep empowering lawyers with the stole funds from your states we go know very soon.

  5. I don’t what’s wrong with southeners you are always attacking while the man you are supporting jonatan he’s not a good cristian, if he’s why he’s ruling naija negatively. In his 2011 campaign he promise fresh air to naija people but up to now no any changes in naija.


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