Plane Crashes: ‘You Should Bow Your Head In Shame’, Aviation Minister Tells Fani-Kayode

fani-stella-620x330The Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, on Tuesday took one of her predecessors in office, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode to the cleaners over his recent utterances on the aviation sector, asking him to bow his head in shame.

Mr. Fani-Kayode had in a recent online article titled ‘Rumours of Sacrifice, Agagu and Stella Oduah,’ alleged that under the watchful eyes of the current Aviation Minister, close to 200 souls have been killed in air crashes in the last two years alone.

He further said, “The truth is that there is far more to aviation than beautifying airports. The first and most important consideration has to be the safety of the passengers and the airworthiness of the planes followed by a solemn and avowed commitment to ensure the discipline, professionalism and efficiency of the aviation parastatals. Most important of all when a plane crashes, whatever the reasons or causes, the Minister ought to assume full responsibility and even offer his or her resignation. Failing that he or she ought to be redeployed to another ministry or completely removed from the cabinet. This is because it is his or her primary responsibility to keep air travelers safe and alive.”

But Mrs. Oduah, who spoke at the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization Conference, tagged “Transforming ATM Performance”, organized in conjunction with the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), in Abuja, said the former aviation minister’s comments on the aviation sector, particularly last Thursday’s plane crash in Lagos were capable of misleading the public.

According to her, “When you see ignorant people in particular, I have sympathy for them. This is because when you speak out of context, when you speak under whatever influence you are under, you speak incorrectly and mislead innocent Nigerians. That is what he has done. He should hide his head in shame.”

The minister used the occasion to restate her commitment to making the Nigerian airspace safe for travelers.

-The Nation



    • You and Fani the big mouth shoud bury your heads in shame, cos you are fools. Whatever he shared with you eat with your family and leave Nigerians to be the judge. Like Fani Kayode like Dimeji Bankole. He was thinking after stealing the ministry dry, somebody else cannot salvage the situation?

    • Please STOP this tirade.
      We lost our loved ones and hold everyone in government responsible but dont increase our National bankruptcy by trading insults.

      My Special Assistance lost a cousin and a nephew in the Agagu aircraft tragedy….product of prolonged corruption and over looked complicity and national betrayal by key officials who approve mass murder.

      Today, we buried Hakeem Akintunde listed as survivor but died hours later at the hospital.

      Tears continue to flow, being unsure what may become of those remaining survivors alive and other people traveling in those compromised coffins certified for unavoidable commercial air travels in Nigeria.

      Yes, Government should please reduce air and road carnage by strictly ensuring safety standards.

  1. Femi Fani-kayode, a scion and product of past corrupt Nigerian leadership that led to military- rule-in-Nigeria was sadly foisted upon this generation of Nigerians.

    A poorly advised misadventure by a highly responsible and well respected past president Olusegun Obasanjo whose unquestionable patriotism and disciplined disciples stream across Nigeria.

    After playing unclear and insignificant roles at the highest point of government, his distracting utterances justifies his background,maturity level and understanding of Nigeria’s quest for global ethical standards.

    East, North, West,South-South continue to measure his continuous attempts to pollute our Nation and Unity.

  2. Who is fooling who ? How many people died in air crash in fani KAYODE tenure and how long was the tenure ? How many people have died during oduah tenure which has not finished ? Let simple arithmetic and his do the jurors’ work. Nigerians don’t want the truth.

  3. Abeg Femi go sleep na body de pepper you when they carry you go court now you go begin de apologis here nd there you too de misyan .

  4. Fanny kayode is a common fool. He diverted a huge chunk of aviation funds into his pocket and he is here making noise. It is only in Nigeria that a common thief will open his toothless mouth and talk again in public space. He is pained because of the giant strides of Mrs Odua an Igbo for that matter. We all know his avid hatred for anything Igbo. The bigot is deeply pained but for all we care he can go and hug a high tension wire.

  5. Tope Adeyemo, your prophesy of doom shall never come to pass in Jesus name. How cud you say death in Odua tenure has not finished? God will surely visit the aviation sector and established lasting Safety in Jesus name.

    Jonathan Akpoyomare


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