PHOTOS: Check Out The Interior and Exterior Of Aviation Minister’s N256m Bullet Proof BMW

It was reported that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority purchased two bulletproof cars worth $ 1.6 Million – N 256,264,417 (256 Million Naira) for the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah.

This has provoked public outrage, with ‘anti corruption network’ giving her ultimatum to resign.

Check out photos of the interior and exterior view of the said car below:
stella-oduahs-bmw-2Oduah has been a subject of severe public criticism for describing the two major air crashes that have occurred under her watch as “acts of God” and now she is acquiring 256 million naira BMW car for protection.

stella-oduahs-bmw. stella-oduahs-bmw-1
What do you think about this?


  1. A good mother is not only good to her children, she is also good to other children. U’re a useless mother. If u’re a GOD fearing soul, GOD will be sufficient 4 u not security car or whtever

  2. This is unfair. I graduated ten years ago and i can not boast of a Nigeria used car talkless of Tokunbo,not to mention new car……… ….. Oh God where is your face.N256Million.

  3. When Ministers are sacked not based on performance but based on a simple misunderstanding between the president and the respective governors that nominated them! Why are we especting them to perform?

  4. Listen, dis bloggers if do not have any other news to give us then better shut down okay! Have u seen de cars by urself if not that u browse via de internet to show us de “interior’?. Pls report better things.

  5. dis is crazy am a student nd we are on strick our leader can settle assu strick but they can buy 256m motor,God help us 4 nija

  6. The Aviation Minister has lost focus, rather than profer solution to Air Crashes that has become common place in her Ministry, she is acquiring Bullet proof Cars for herself.
    Who is after her life? Is it her shadow hunting her or some Assasins? Is it only inside the bullet proof Car can her Assaillants attack her? Or her negligence to duty hunting her?

    If the answers to those questions is no, then would need to ensure her house, office, her dresses, shoes, hand bags, cell phones, etc are all bullet proof.
    She should have taken a cue from former NAFDAC amazon, Dora Akuyili, despite series of dangerous threats to her life, she put her hope and faith in God to protect her during those
    dreadful tenure in NAFDAC.

    Comparing Odua to Akuyili’s case, Akuyili would have bought Bullet proof Cars that could cost at least $100bn to protect her life as she was waging war against Drug Barons then.
    Odua has just exhibited the traits of a typical Nigerian Leader and their corrupt tendencies.

    Stella Odua, congratulations and more bullet proof Cars to your Armoury, Government money dey sweet to spend.


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