PHOTOS: Actress, Liz Anjorin Converts To Islam, Changes Name To ‘Aisha’

Yoruba actress, Lizzy Anjorin has converted to a muslim and now goes by the name ‘Aisha’.

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The actress has obviouslsy paid her dues in the industry and she’s making waves one of which was the success of the shooting of her forthcoming thriller entitled “Kofo De First Lady.”

The Badagry Lagos State-born mother of one is said to have travelled to India, Morocco, Cameroon and other neighbouring countries to shop for her newly re-branded fashion out fit called Pick Me Reloaded, at Ogba, Lagos.

Lizzy who is said to have travelled to Mecca this year has joined the list of Nigerian celebrities who have visited the holy land.


  1. May the almighty contiinue to guide you into the path of light and truth, where you belong and strengthen your faith in him. Ameen

  2. Quran 3:85 revealed it 2 me nd u dat if 1 seek religion oda dan Islam, he wil be of d loser in d hereafter………Lizz(KofoTinubu)….am happy 4 u…Advice: be persistent in praying 4 Allah’s guidance so u wont revert.

  3. We are so much happy for Lovely sister Aisha! You are welcome to the religion of peace and monotheism; You are welcome to the true religion of prophet Ibraheem (AS); May Almighty Allah bestow his blessings upon you and the whole of your progeny!!

  4. Aiya! So na money carry u go follow dat alhaji, huumm! By d time him finish with ur womb or star & all d gud tins Baba God give u. Nobody go tell u, continue dem no dey tell man.

  5. wether you are a christian or a muslim, religion is religion. My advice for you is; seek the Kingdom of God cus you will be a disappointment if you don’t make Heaven. PEACE

  6. See hw they’r fooling dia selves, hw peaceful are u (jihadis) dat convert my killing? Humm! Jesus u said disapeared & is comn 4 judgement 2 all mankind is now no more? dey’ll continue 2 decieve u all. Jesus s d only way no oda way pls come join d true religion of PEACE 4rom d inner most not on d lips. Take statistics: all christain countries & all islamic countries, hw far judge urselves. Which s real peace 4rom above?

    • @ Lizzy.. U tink is money dat took her,d truth is she has a chance datz y she is guided,1 tin abt Islam is we dnt criticize any1’s religion, we believe in all d prophets including jesus,go n ask ur pastor let him tell u d truth abt d old testament of ur bible,no 1 is going to waste hert womb by shee has seen light by d grace of Allah. @Bukky Islamic countries r fighting 4 dia rights to gain dia independence 4rm wicked leaders, buh have of ever heard of God sending any natural disaster to any Islamic country, earth quake n d rest,so pls follow ur own religion n we follow ours, we don’t criticize u n we wish u dnt do same…Peace

  7. I dey laugh oooooo!Go 2 northern states & God help u experience Christain & muslim fight na dia ur own finish, its den u’ll know dat any muslim outside north is not welcomeoooo ask very well b4 big eye kill u & u go 2 hell.

  8. Masha Allahu. You really choose one of the repectable name in the history of Islam (Aisha).I’m welcoming you to the religion of truth and religion of the whole prophets including Jesus (Isah) Alaihissalam.

  9. Welcome 2 a new world ajia aishah ,u made a right choice cos islam is the religion of peace and I also know u wouldn’t regret Almighty ALLAH will be with us Aameen Ya ALLAH

  10. We are highly welcoming you and congratulate you to be one of the Muslims. Now you need to simple, peaceful, humble, decent and to whole mankind that is Islam.

  11. I thank God for her life,she is now really preparing for heaven since Islam is he only religion that God Almighty will accept from us hereafter once again congratulation my sister.

  12. Beloved it sad to hear this. But remember Isaiah1:18-19 says come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You can still tink and retake your step. Come back to Jesus He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. He is always ready to give you back life and life in full.

  13. May be not from Christianity because you cannot partake of the heavenly gift and the gift Holy Spirit and wish to deny yourself of such grace and privileges.

  14. ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR!! Surely Allah removes light 4rm darkness n darkness 4rm light. Sister Aisha u r highly welcom 2 d religion of 2rut d only religion in d face of God[Allah], n d religion of peace. MAY ALLAH GRANT U ALJANNATUL FIRDOUS wit all d entire muslim ummah ameen. U r highly welcome my “MOTHER”

  15. Allihamdhulahi, Good for you and entire Muslim word, may Allah guide you through the cause of the religion peace.may he accept it as an act of Ibadah.

  16. U R WELKM TO D TRUE N ONLY RELIGION IN D SIGHT OF ALLAH. D RELIGN OF PEACE N TRANQUILITY. May Allah guide u thru out ur lyf as a true Muslimat, Amin. U r welkm Aysha.Barakallah !

  17. Al hamdul lilahi, may u not regret 2 join this peace religion, and I seek GOD safety upon u and abudant blessing shall be yours 4ever

  18. “Allahu akbar“ congrats! I congratulat u bcos Allah says “inadeenu indalah alislam“ meanin, verily d right religon acepted by him is ISLAM, In anoda vs al d prophets JESUS nt xcluded warn dia pple as comanded by ALLAH “walatamutunna illa wa‘antum muslim“ meanin; nd u shuldnt died execept been a MUSLIM. May u b guid nd protected as long as u remain in ISLAM.

  19. Islam does not excluding any prophet but half witted christians do. I believe Aishat will now understand the different but don’t decieve we Muslim cos it’s a big sin before Allah. Anyway, you’re welkom to the true path, I pray God to firm your feet and protects you.

  20. It is very clear that she has never tasted Christianity.It is written that NO ONE will see the kingdom of God except through Jesus Christ whom all power in heaven and on earth had been given. It is not too late for you-Lizzy to locate the right path-JESUS CHRIST the beloved son of God.

  21. Islam does not excluding any prophet but half witted christians do. I believe Aishat will now understand the different but don’t decieve we Muslim cos it’s a big sin before Allah. Anyway, you’re welkom to the true path, I pray God to firm your feet and protects you.

  22. Allahu Akbar congratulation Hajiya Aisha, you are welcome to the religion of peace in the entire world, and also this is a religion which if you accept it you are equal with every Muslim in the world, no differences interms of religious, tribe, color, the only difference before Allah (SWT) is one who have faith.

  23. Its kinda funny all d comments 4rm our muslim brothers,wheneva a news is posted ΨђåƮ those boko animals had bombed somewhere all in d name of religion of pieces called peace u won’t see them comment.sister lizzy,hadith says’who ever changes I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ religion,kill him.My sister u re in trouble cos this I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ a religion of blood sucking animals created by animals 4 animals like him……somalia,iraq,iran,mali,sudan,naija where I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ d peace?

  24. We also believe Jesus is the way at his period but was not God and never be God. We muslims are the good followers of Jesus pbuh.therefore Christians you should accept ISLAM FOR YOUR SALVATION.

  25. Our dear Sister you are highly welcome to Islam a Religion in which there is only one God and prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) as His Messenger.
    You are now forgives all bad things which you have done before you embrace Islam. I wish you all the best.

  26. Sis Liz for what shall it profit a man if he/she gains th whole but loses his/her soul? JESUS is th ans to eternity. No man came to world tru divine conception like Him, this facts is in th Bible & th quran as well. It is Isah(JESUS) that will come on last day when th trumpet shall sound, why because JESUS is th saviour of th world, the way th truth & light, th prince of peace, th Lord of Lords, the wisdom of God, all things were made for Him & by Him & without Him was not anything made that was made amen. In Him we live in Him we move & have our being, we owe JESUS everything because He is everythig to the entire world. JESUS is love & peace personified.

  27. U are highly welcome to d religion of peace.those of u dat said islam encourages killing of their fellow beings,can u kindly give me d proof.u better be careful with ur words so dat u ll not incur the wrath of ALLAH.

  28. I congratulate you sister Aisha. May Allah increase you in knowledge (Amin). Abt our christian brothers condermin Islam, i want u 2 knw dat all d problem in d middle east & oda Islamic nations ar conspiracy 4rm d western world or perhaps, christian world. Did any of u hear of all does crisis b4 9-11? (NO). Evrytin started right 4rm dat tym. Bt b4 dem, d worst dissaster in history of d US govt was by a christian fanatic in person of Timothy McVeigh wen he blew up a US federal building in oklahoma city on d 19th of april 1995. Over 168people where killed & nobody or muslim relate d issue to christianity… Wen d 9-11 attack happen, it was related 2 muslims & dey started dere mission against Islam startin wit Afganistan(a country living peacefully b4 den & distroy dem. After dat, dey muv 2 iraq, aquisin dem of avin weapon of mass distruction, afta investigatn it ws nt found 2 b truth den dy started changin n changin d topic until dy acuse sadam of commitin a genocide, iraq distruction also started nd afta killin sadam who is dere prime target, dy stil refuse 2 leave iraq alone. Nxt is somalia, tunisia, lebanon, Egypt, syria et.c. Course civil war wit dere conspiracy nd sponsoring d rebels against d govt wit ammunition. The worst is d one in libya… a country so peaceful wit a stable economy which emphasyse on dependency nd utility of home grown product & d empowerin their youth n providin quality education n gud standard of living 4 dem… Evn afta 8th month of civil war, dere economy ws stil rated 28 best in africa wit Nig flourishin @51. So my christian brothers, do u stil see we muslims as d problem or d western, anti-Islam world… Worst stil, since d 9-11 saga, d US has bcom d fast growing nation in Islam in d world… Bt den, it only those guided by God dat wil see d right path… d path trend of Abraham(Ibrahim, pbuh), David(Daud, pbuh), Isaac(Ismael, pbuh), Moses(Musa, pbuh), Joseph(Yusuf, pbuh), Jesus(Isah, pbuh) and Muhammad salallahu alaehi wasallam, pbuh… May He show u all to that right path & mak us all an inmate of aljannah… Thank u 4 reading this and congratulations once more to my sister Hajia Aisha may Allah bless and guide you abundantly and grant you aljannatul firdous!

  29. 1st, u’v made a wise choice in choosin Islam n anoda sterling choice in choosin d name, Aisha. May ur new found faith uphold u n may ur new name favour u. However, dis is a typical case of truth n lie- truth has always had many enemies, haters n blasphemers whereas lies wil always av frnds n well wishers. Dis is exactly d case of islam n ANY oda religion, islam has lots of enemies BECAUSE it is d TRUTH. La ikrah fii deen, dre’s no compulsion in religion, for on dat day of recompense, all eyes shall behold d truth. Till den, i say, peace un2 u, Aisha, peace un2 all muslim ummah, peace un2 d world n peace 2 islam.
    Aishah, u’r most welcum 2 Islam n Paradise… Though d journey b rough n obstacles b aplenty, i beseech u, hold fast- d end, 4 islam will SURELY justify d means… Allahu allam

  30. Ma dear Liz, I kan neva judge u, bt witin u, u knw u av taken d rong path. Although, u av made ur choice, bt he z stil knokin in ur heart to retrace ur steps.Am just sorry for ur child, n I hope he does nt follow d rong path.

  31. Xtains blasphemers,infidels abi?mumu infact I like wat u are smoking.U guys are terrorist dats just d fact.anywhere there I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ war there must be muslims…ISLAMIST TERRORISTS.imagine mohammed told dem τ̅☺ kill in d name of allah §o̶̷̩̥̊͡ dat dey can hav 72 virgins in heaven…..lolz he must be a bastard for saying ΨђåƮ.u better buy viagra wen u re dying cos 2 handle 72 virgins no easy o….bloody religion from a bloody mohammed τ̅☺ some bloody fools

  32. U need proof abi?ok…
    1.Quran 9:5 fight and slay pagans and infidels whereva u find dem
    2. Quran 2:244 ‘fight’ in d cause of allah
    3. Quran 8:12 I will instill terror in2 d heart of unbelivers
    4. ΨђåƮ useless mohammed married and 8years old lady…pediophile
    5oly war? Imagine ‘holy’ ‘war’ 2 diff things
    6Sexual jihad in syria…..lolz
    7.72 virgins in heaven if u can kill pple
    8. And §o̶̷̩̥̊͡ on countless no attrocities……a religion of pieces nt peace

  33. She has her life 2leave, nd also she is an adult, God is d only super natural being, 4dose of u dat ar judgeing her get ready 2b judged, she must have had her own conviction, xo madam u ar WELLCOME!

  34. why this so much noise about a prostitute who converts to murderer, whats the difference. You see, Funke Akindele story never teach you sense abi, ok, that Alhaji who want to make you his 6th wife will soon get tired of you, then you will be on your own, i pray it will not be too late by then. You need money & husband by all means, really, no sane christian can marry you because you have useless yourself in your ealy days, no young xtian will marry you & the old ones are not allow to marry two wives so the only option is to converts to the religion of pieces (boko haram)

  35. Jesus too is a muslim, nt even jesus all d prophets are muslim, GOD (ALLAAH) promise 2 protect his religion whether d hypocrites & non muslim they dt want, so my sister u are well come 2 religion of peace, only acceptable in the sign of Allaah, my Allaah guide, protect u.

    • Jesus has neva nd will neva b a muslim, its high tym u get dat into ur head instead of misleading pple into ur boko haram religion.i pray God’ll open ur eyes 2 see d light.

  36. Too bad dat u christains stoop soo low. as to insult d messenger of Allah. it shows dat u don’t respect the ethics of ur religion let alone ur creator. We muslims can never insult Jesus PBUH or any other prophet b’cos we love and respect dem as Allah had instructed.Allah has shown mallama Aishat d only way to salvation. Right nw her status is morethan urs dia is nfn u say or do dat will change dat. welcome sister, do not let anybody’s comment hurt or dissuade u from ur noble cause. u are blessed!!!!

  37. No one can be rightly guided except with the help of God (Allah) and no one can be misslead ecept with the knoledge of God. But you can help yourself don’t follow leave aside what your Imam or Pastor has told you about each religion, we are in the modern world where yu can research and get result on your own without been forced… Check out internet reflect and ask your self ‘what is the esseence of mankind’. الْحَمْدُلِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ am a Muslim that understood reason for existence of Mankind. You will hear and see but will never hear and see that which is for Allah ecept with his permission

  38. I’m verry happy foor her……coz being a Muslim is a pleasure and Islam is the religion of peace…..

    Advice for Hajia Aishat.

    Observe ur 5 daily prayer which is the most paramount thing…coz covert to Islam is not the main thing but to practice it…May Almighty Almighty Allah in his infinity accept you to this Religion of Peace…Ma Sallam!!!

  39. To god be the glory liz is my best friend she is very good to me but I don’t know wht is costing the problem with me and her I am jude from obawule her street she is my customer and also friend I wish her the best in life wellcome and weld done ?

  40. Y are u condemning islam? Muslims are nt terrism just that there are some pple out who carry there missions on there own and claiming to do it for Allah sake. To my brother there that was saying.. stupid muhammad, bloody muslim pls let us watch our tongue pls be careful of what you say. To me actions shall be judge according to intention. Let ur intention be good to urself, muslims or Christian and see who worship…going to mosque everyday does mean that you are clean and going to church every minute doesn’t say are the right, what is our mind are much more important. What God is going to judge everyone’intention and good deed. Coming together as one is the best for out community let us stop saying muslims are bad or Christian s are nt good. Let us be unite. And if you are saying Christian bad or muslim are bad ask yourself I MINE GOOD

  41. We have many records of of this type of lady who ‘converted’ to islam in the past, but few years later they are back to square one They are. neither good christians neither will they ever be good muslim. They have one big alhaji to dupe. You can see she is now globe trotting at the expense of one holy alhaji. Those rejoicing now will soon learnt that they are celebrating an international prostitute.

  42. whoever is not happy that you are reverted to islam should take acid and die .welcome to the light of islam Sister Aisha, may Allah guides and protects you.may you generation should goes through the right part of have been clense off your past sins. am really happy for you.

  43. Thank God you were a christian before changing your religion. You would not say that you never heard about Jesus.
    Let God be the final judge but make hays while sun shine

  44. My fellow xtian brodas & sistas, let’s rememember d word of our lord which says we should condemn no man. Let’s just leave everything into God’s hands. He is d only one that knows his TRUE worshippers. SHALOM.

  45. May God punish anyone that says Islam is peace. Amen! She converted to Islam because of money. Ask any muslim that converted to a Christian, it came through revelation. Islam is peace my foot. Mtcheeeew

  46. All of you are mad….wat re you all sayin…u re all retards….wat is d diff btwn being a muslim n a christian….we re all servin d same God 4 cryin out loud….if d leaders of 2mao re talkin like retards nw hw wld Nigeria be united ehn??….christianity is a good religion same as islam….u guyz dnt need to argue over such a thing…serve d God u bliv in shikena…u all dnt knw where we re goin to afta diz wld wat if none of d two religions are d rite one….see make una mind una business dnt disturb urselves over issues like diz….she has converted end of matter….itz her choice.AM PROUD TO BE A CHRISTIAN…

  47. Please be u a xtain or a moslem we are serving a true God and God is love the most important thing is dat we should wish her well in all her endeavours so my dear sister either liz or aisha it is well just follow your heart desire and be focused in life u will get what u want so congrat on your new found faith

  48. D mistake d islam wrld have is dat, they believe any person wit a christian name is a christ like bt some of them are pegan.knowin well dat prohect moh’d told his daughter Ashia dat only wen u believe on Jesus christ dat u’ll be save dat was @ his point of departure been his last message. Remember Jesus said he’ll deny anyone who denied him b4 his father in heaven.

  49. You are welcome to the religion of light and peace, May Allah accept all your good deed and accept you into paradise on the last day. Allah is one and his religion is one every where.

  50. It is just one out of a thousand signs of future Islamic domination : celebrities & big personalities across the world today are migrating to the religion, thereby making it the fastest growing religion on earth today. CONGRATS &WELCOME TO THE FOLD Aisha!!

  51. @migthy lee, I pray u do research well on that before u die, ‘cos nobody insult any of the prophet and messanger of God and escape the wrath in heaven…… some research urself and stop reading from jaggorns u read arround………..ok

    But who knows u migth want to enligthen on ur bible (if it is 100% perfect) ‘cos I have so many questions on it still not clear to me……….but u will be dissapointed when we start the debate.

    Won’t argue with u much,’cos my Holy quran the bible to be God’s words but it has been altered so many times and if u will love to see proof,no p and let’s get it on.

  52. @migthy lee, I pray u do research well on that before u die, ‘cos nobody insult any of the prophet and messanger of God and escape the wrath of God in heaven…… some research urself and stop reading from jaggorns u read arround. All prophet of God from prophet Adam (pbuh) to prophet Moses (pbuh), prophet Isa (jesus) (pbuh) to the last of the prophet and messanger of God on earth which is prophet muhammad (pbuh), they are all human and messangers of God but not God………..ok

    But who knows u migth want to enligthen me on ur bible (if it is 100% perfect) ‘cos I have so many questions on it still not clear to me……….but u will be dissapointed when we start the debate.

    Won’t argue with u much,’cos my Holy quran confirm the bible to be God’s words but it has been altered so many times and if u will love to see proof,no p and let’s get it on.

  53. Lizzy or whateva you call urself, What a pity.You never knew Christ so U were never a Christian.What shall it profit u if u gain the whole world and lose ur soul.REPENT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

  54. To start I congratulate miss Anjorin 4removin d rope of hell 4rm her neck & choosen d right part. U re welcome 2d straight part. Let me also use dis medium 2advise my co-patriots in d christian world 2make hay while d sun shines. Blaspherming & hatred will nt help u. U shud get serious & come out of dose dancin halls & music studios u call churches or places of worship. Liz & oda multitudes who re converting 2Islam on daily bases have realised dat dancin/singin in d name Of worship wil lead u 2no oda place but HELL fire. Islam is d only divine religion & will be d only day dat will be accepted on d lastday. No amount of blaspherming or hatred by d likes of mighty lee or wateva he calls himsef & odas will change dat. 1ce again I wlc u Liz, Janet Jackson & odas who hv seen truth, in2 d religion of peace. B4 I stop, let me warn d like of mighty lee & co 2stop quoting verses of d holy Quran wrongly or else d rot of God will decend on dem soonest.

  55. Lizzy I no blame u, me I no get any religion o, but I dey sure say na one of your aristo ALHAJI send u go Mecca, but I go want make u learn from wetin happen to Bisi komolafe and FUNKE akindele, u can’t eat your cake and have it o, if u are doing this to create fame like maheeda dey do, he no go pay u o for na one time person dey die and just try let your common sense work.

  56. Never u made dat mistake muslims and Christians are never and will not ever worship d same GOD, wat concerns LIGHT and darkness, in christ JESUS there is LIGHT alone and is d LIFE of men, come out from HELL (islam) dat u ar and b save now dat u av life for if u die as a muhammedan hell is sure for dont say u are not warn for my LORD And SAVIOUR JESUS is aware of dis post.

    • How stupid can u b,how can a man born of a woman save u,is only God n God only dat can save every1, so on drinking n sinning,saying jesus had died 4 ur sins, cus u will so so born in d deepest of he’ll close to devil..

  57. D bible says my dear sister dat who so eva dosnt bliv dat Jesus christ is Lord or confesses him, is an antichrist and all antichrist shall never see God. Sista pls Christ is stil inlov wit u. No mata wat has prompted u to chng he stil value ur soul pls lov him bak nw bfor its too late.

  58. Aisha,
    I know so many messages may be coming your way. But am sure these messages are only meant for you to read not for you to ponder and make another decision. You have already decided what is best for your life. Anyone who is not happy with your decision should go back and organise his house so that the remaining ones are retained. May God bless you – Ameen.

  59. way u fucking christian, are jeleousing? Is it not her choice and almighty blessing un to her? You like it or not, she is now ours! Keep off, if u wish all the coward, u drunk and mouth odour ,fucking and barbaric ,fools, bitch sons ,woa! Go hold transformer. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Aishat my sister welcome to heaven!!!.

  60. @betley benjamin, its a pity at times when christians like u talks out of ignorance but at times I think it is very valuable and reasonable when u say things u don’t know and u see people or someone to enligthen u.

    Let’s start it this way, Yes Truly We muslims and Majority of christians worship different God, while I think ur minority worship Jehovah which is the name of Almigthy God in the bible.

    To people like u, am very sure u are part of those christians that equate Jesus (pbuh) to God, systematically, u are saying he jesus Is one of the Godhead with God Almigthy in heaven which is false and u know it jesus (pbuh) never said something of such even in ur bible but u people keep putings words he never said into his mouth.

    My quran and Holy book of God confirm jesus (pbuh) of a virgin birth and called and honoured him with one of migthy prophet of God but says he is a mere Human and a messanger of God,but highly favoured and honoured by God than you and I in this world and in the hereafter to come, even he himself said so in the bible that he is a servant of God (if u need proof, I will, if u wish, ‘cos I knw most of u christuans don’t read but sit to allow ur pastors to feed u with lies and hatred of other faith.

    Basically we have two major types of christianity which are the Trinitarian and the unitarian… very sure u are under a trinitarian influence……why are ur heart so tick to the extect that u don’t to accept fact that is even written in ur bible and even delivered by jesus (pbuh) himself to the children of isreal that children of isreal shld worship God alone if it is Him they wish to worship that his Lord and their God is ONE, why the dispute abt this, this Migthy prophet never called himself God but u his followers does and it is more of Paganism, pls desist from this habit and get saved from the wrath of God……

    And to the unitarian christians, they are not much but believe God is One and that jesus christ (pbuh) is a prophet and messanger of God…….which is perfect with ur scripture.

    And don’t be surprise, u calling God Father and calling jesus (pbuh) Son….literally Father in Hebrew language is used to Honour and call God while Son means worthy servant in hebrew calling messangers of God…simple

  61. You see this, this right here is why you Africans will never be developed. You black monkeys are the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

  62. Surely u’l be tested if u’ve truly n sincerely accepted d religion of Allah. As u may av already known, noting good comes easy or cheap. So brace up 4 d challenges ahead cos Islam is not a religion of free will but a religion wit its own tenet n etiquettes. So dont go thinkin or believing now that u av embrace the religion, things would be a lot easier. On the contrary things could even get more complicated. Even the Prophet: d most beloved didn’t have it so smooth. So expect the unexpected n wen the going gets more tougher; seek the teaching of the glorious Qur’an, the hadith of the Prophet (SAW) n 4 Allah’s guidance. Surely u won’t av any cause to regret ur believe

  63. See dis boko harams talking abt heaven?U̶̲̥̅̊R̶̲̥̅̊ prophet(a sex addict) I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ in hell fire now fucking those pussys he died defending.A religion of terrorists,bombs and jihad.y will I swap peace 4 war?y shld I leave xtainity 4 terrorism?God 4bid.Imagine a prophet who died of poison,who can’t save himself and my jesus who I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ alive and who will come again 2 jugde d living and d dead……Fuck ya all pussy islamist boko harams


  65. Aliamdulillah 4Hajia AISHAT &well come 2 lSLAM way of peace,way of paradise,may ALLAH gather u,&all of MUSLIM 2 Aljanah firidaus ameen.

  66. Christianity had existed more than 500 years b4 Mohammed was born and the Quran was written some 500 years after his death. Meaning that the Bible had already stayed up to 1000 years b4 the Quran! Mohammed neva knew any religion, but his uncle, Abdallah was an idol worshipper and had some 135 idols! His name means slave of Allah (one of d idols). When Mohammed grew, not being satisfied, and his uncle no more, he destroyed d idols but spared Allah with 3 smaller ones bcos he considered it greatest among odas. He used a half moon 2 represent allah and 3 small stars 2 rep the odas (as seen on mosques). If he had not conquered and forced his new religion on his people, no one would hav known anything of him. He forced his followers to cram and know by heart his teachings (still practiced by muslims 2day). He fought wars and killed any dat refused to join him (still practiced by muslims 2day e.g Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda etc). He married children (still practiced e.g Sen. Yerima etc). As a matter of fact, d Bible is d most preserved book ever in history with over 2400 original manuscripts still surviving 2day! After Mohammed’s death and so many wars fought, those who knew his teachings by heart bcame few leading to the writing of the Quran. Those who knew it by heart wrote theirs and it was gathered, there were differences and controversies arose. It was during the reign of the 4th caliph that he ordered everyone having Quran or any part of it to bring it to him and the books were gathered. He then wrote His after comparing every other and then burnt the rest. His own Quran is the only surviving 2day! Shallom Mekar 2 u all.

  67. @sahib, u need to do some researches b4 typing, all these u typed on here are false, won’t say more than that. I pray u know the wort of sin u are committing.

    @migthylee or what do u call urself, I can surely see that ur ignorance is growing daily and strongly……..pls challenge me and let’s see how perfect ur bible is? Mr, and let’s see if ur bible never challenge to figth in the course of God…….even if some set chose to radicalise themselves and take their religion to the extreme which the quran forbids, does that make all muslims the same with them….u need to think like a normal huma and I can really see frm ur write up that u must be a very little chat or may be grown with a baby’s brain

  68. Alihamdulilahi for you Sis Aisha , you are one of the people Allah wish to show the way..I am proud to be a muslim..And you Islam haterz kindly get a life and wake up from your slumber because Allah will not accept any religion from you except Islam.

  69. Most are either Christians or Muslims because we were born into them and not by choice. She has her reasons and God who knows the deepest parts of hearts will judge her accordingly

  70. Hummm,Jesus AS as alaways bn a muslim,sister Aisha welcome to Islam,alittle advice”ur 5daily prayers and may Allah mk it easy 4 u,remember Nigerians well always talk so u don’t mind dem,wen it comes to Islam they will open their mouth,Allah will always protect His religion frm infidels…welcome again sister Aisha,Allah is ur strenght

  71. i don’t think u are serious abt wat u are doing now. i don’t think u no d meaning of ur name a bi are u nt good in reading d Bible i don’t think so, ELIZABETH. Who is teaching u all dis rubbish dat u are doing, don’t ever forget dat JESUS LOVE YOU, U ARE BLESS

  72. If only u as a xtian ‘ll nt allow urself 2 b programmd by d so caled pastors 2 blievin doctrins wt no base in d bible den u’ll realize dt jesus p.b.u.h and all d other prophets were muslim cos they believe n practice all d 5 pillars f islam- oness f God, as-salat,fasting in d 9th month,pilgrim 2 meca nt to jerusalem n alms givings. Just read ur bible urself, xtian dnt allow a motivatnal speaker u cal pastors to confuse u.. For references- read d book “TOP SECRET” By prof. Banire J.P and watch Dr. ZAKIR Naik via dish on Peace T.V. Ma salam

  73. JEsUs is only d way d truth and d light no 1 comes 2 d fada xpect 4rm hm….may God have mercy and gv yhu d grace 2 correct ur mistake,amen

  74. Sist Aishat u are welcome to Islam now you thesame as those whom was born in, may almighty God guide us to the right path. Amen

  75. Alhamdu lillAh!!! Dat’s “TRUE” no matter wat you do to hide it, it must be shining for those that sincerely want it to C it clearly.

  76. My heart goes out to Aisha and all muslims. Jesus Christ has appeared to a lot of our Christian brothers and sisters and he emphatically told us to warn the muslims. He is the only way to Heaven and if you deny him, your abode in the hereafter is Hell! Make no mistake about that. Please repent and turn to him. He is still merciful and will forgive you. We were all created by him and loves both christians and muslims to be saved. Run from the wrath that is to come. Please!

  77. Am really happy for you sister Aisha may Allah continue to guide and protect, once again congratulation of converting to islam

  78. @ Sadiq, ignorance and illiteracy is nt a sin. But wen u begin 2 boast in ignorance, it bcoms ignoble and ur surname could bcom IGNORAMUS! Let me tel u somtin. Go to d grave of Usman Danfodio and ask him how u became a muslim. He would proudly tell u dat ur great grand father’s fingers were chopped off and boiled 4 him 2 eat! Out of his selfish instinct to live, he accepted Islam! If Mohammed is a man of *peace* as u claim, why did he have to fight Jihad, even on his own piple after he returned from exile??? Ans me, u fr**k, cos ah gat a lot of questns 4 u. U want a challenge, right? Why does Shariah law permit marriage to Children, *paedophilia*??? Why does d quran permit killing of rebels against d religion??? What about virgins in heaven??? After f*cking on earth, u want to continue in heaven! God forbid!!! Did u nt know dat those beasts dat kill 4 Allah were shouting *Alhamdulilah* and dat *Allah is d greatest b4 explodin their devices??? Allah is d greatest 4 what? Killing o piple? Innocent piple? U’v gat to ans me. I would even lov to see u one on one. These ar jus a few.

  79. @ leee.woe on to u as u insult somebody who u know has fellowers. u dat u re creating enmity into very stupid morethan what u can does not change anything.the God who send his msg will surely judge it all.if u think u are on the rite path pls do what bible ask u to do that u shud never fight any body.pls be guided by ur book.all boko haram are not good muslim infact any terrorist is not muslim bcos Allah teach us in his noble book curse on to whoever will cause any chaos in de society. alot of muslims in this world are failures to islam.they failed to fellow the teaching of our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) therefore they shud not decieve from making reserch on wise most of the christains are failures to Christianity. people like u can cause tension, crisis bcos u re insulting somebody’s faith.if one ignorant and wrong thinking Muslim meet u, u will not ascape it.pls n pls talk about peace.

  80. @sahib…………u are baseless and pointless when u argue things u don’t seem to know about but u read from books that promotes hatred for my lovely religion and blinding u physically to the truth……well Ignorance is bliz though…
    To the point boko haram killing and shouting allahu akbar (God is great) what does that has to do with my religion Mr, think normal like an adult, this is just language which they bliv they want to use in executing their devilish act, does that makes them Muslim, see how shallow u think and from some source it was gathered the ur CAN was even the founder of this all (boko haram) in order to demonise my peaceful religion as the westernise starts with al-qaeda and letter call them terrorrist ‘cos they no longer listen to commands from them again…..ur people formed it and it is u they will always attack……….them speaking Arabs never makes them a muslim. .check that out stop ur ignorancy and ur typicant arrogancy.

    Yes for sure, if u say they fougth jihad then, yes it is and it is absolute and justifiable ‘cos non of u fools will always ignore the fact that this same prophet(pbuh) of God endured 4 like 10years and more from the hands of all these pagan worshipers killing his folowers which were very minor and they were even allowed access to food and water for many times. And after then the revelation to face the pagans in battle…so do u have any problem with that block head that reads from human and not from the rigth source…..
    And to think of it ur History on the start of christianity was very BRUTAL with enough killings of people tagging the name of jesus(pbuh) with it, wld u like to knw the history of ur religion? If yes, Go to google and type the history on how christianity was formed then..and u migth wannt to knw if ur holy book is perfect, type contracdiction in the bible, even Paul was said to be a fake apostle but was self aclaimed……..Mr, don’t let finish u ‘cos I see that u are just guy with a babies brain. Get matured and stop using that name Sahib, use saul or paul

  81. @sadiq.that is very very correct.the problem of our Nigerian Christians is dat they dont read the bible rather listen to what their money driven pastors beat into their ears.let our Christian brothers read Qur’an English is readily available.dat can help them to know the challenges battling with our Nigerian Muslims.Islam is not for boko haram members, islam is not for western and Estern terrorists.Islam is for peace loving people.advice for my nigerian Muslim ‘do not insult the bible and Jesus (pbuh) it is not Islamical.u cant be qualified muslim until u believe on oness of God, dat Muhammad (PBUH) is de messenger of God and do not segregate between all de Allah’s massengers including de loving one Jesus (pbuh).may God guide us rite.ameen

  82. after that Jesus was raised to the heaven, they withdrew the original bible (al injil) and replaced it with other books (which are not from God). so christianity is an illusion. sister, you’ve already took a giant step towards success, here and hereafter. congrats!

  83. @sadiq.that is very very correct.the problem of our Nigerian Christians is dat they dont read the bible rather listen to what their money driven pastors beat into their ears.let our Christian brothers read Qur’an English is readily available.dat can help them to know the challenges battling with our Nigerian Muslims.Islam is not for boko haram members, islam is not for western and Estern terrorists.Islam is for peace loving people.advice for my nigerian Muslim dat do not insult the bible and Jesus (pbuh) it is not Islamical.u cant be qualified muslim until u believe on oness of God, dat Muhammad (PBUH) is de messenger of God and do not segregate between all de Allah’s massengers including de loving one Jesus (pbuh).may God guide us rite.ameen

  84. Alhamdulilahi, she made wise decision cos islam is a religion of peace, but I wil advise Aisha to stop acting cos our religion dosen’t allowed a woman to expose her body, tank God she has a bussiness field her nd her family, I wish Aisha all d bst


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