Osun CAN Gives Aregbesola 7-day Ultimatum To Reverse Schools Merger

A seven-day ultimatum has been served the Osun State government by the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to reverse the merger of schools and return them to their original owners.

The state government had, last week, commenced the merger of public primary and secondary schools in the state under its schools re-classification programme.

In a letter addressed to the state Governor, Mr’. Rauf Aregbesola and signed by its state chairman, Rev. Elisha Ogundiya, CAN urged Aregbesola to revert the new education policy in the interest of peace and tranquility in the state.

CAN also called for a reverse on the changing of single sex schools to mixed schools, saying that would help to preserve the religious character of the schools.

The body said failure of the state government to reverse to the status quo on the state education system would make it take further actions on the matter.

The Christian body also advised Aregbesola to take the interest of all religions into consideration while making policies, saying that he was voted into office by people of all faiths.

“We observe that the foundation of Christian faith is being seriously threatened by some policies of the state government, especially in the education sector, which the church is strongly averse to and it is not ready to compromise,” the letter read in part.

Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state, Mr. Kunle Oyatomi, in reaction to the threat, however said; “You don’t reverse a policy that will bring  up decent, brilliant and successful students in the schools.”

He therefore appealed to CAN and other interest groups in the state to be tolerant with the state government on the new education policy in the state, stressing that “if there is any government with human feelings, Aregbesola’s government has demonstrated in many ways that Osun State is a reference point in human development index.”


  1. From his looks u can tell he’s a fanatic. It’s a calculated attempt to islamise d state. Christians must resist d attempt by all means available.

    • All I can say is that Aregbesola’s purported Islamisation of Osun is to us Muslims is the opposite of what they feel he is doing. Islam doesn’t encourage free mixing of sexes. I would therefore advice that when we talk about issues, let’s face the issues, not attaching religious sentiments we can’t actually prove. Kindly look around you and your would understand that Islam abhors free mixing with the opposite sex. Our mode of worship is a quick reminder. Some are just creating what doesn’t exist. Islam encourages the separation of opposite sex necessarily to prevent illicits. Take your claim of ‘islamisation elsewhere.

  2. i wondered y some pple would loose themselves to be used politically in d name of religion.
    d school reclassification affected both islam nd christianity religions.
    4 example, Ede muslim grammar school, Ikire muslim high school, ansarudeen, osogbo e.t.c are merged.
    d system is dt, 1 muslim, 1 christian nd 1 conventional school are transformed in each local govt to elementary, middle nd high school.
    we sud stop confusing d people politically in d name of religion.

  3. I am surprised that some people still hide under religious pretext to perpetrate their selfish agenda. What is the problem with Osun State christian Association of Nigeria? What has all of these reforms got to do with religion? Enough of all these religious sentiment and let us support any sincere actions of a reasonable government. Over the years when we were small most christian missionary schools were either male or female. I went to Ijebu0de grammar school it is still boys school., Our lady of Apostles, Saint Terresa College. St annes Ibadan, Anglican Girls Grammar school to mention but few. If the CAN officials in Osun has any problem within their body they should not vest it on a purposeful leadership of the governor.

  4. I wonder why dis Mallam called Rauf wants to destroy our dear State,Osun…why dont u learn from Bola Ige ,Awolowo and other legend!!!They did wonderful job to transform lives,give hope to d ppl and suport good education.Why do u want to destroy d works of our past leaders..stop all dis religious sentiment and better ppl lives….In your days all of u including Lagos state always promote Private school and we all know d huge amount we r paying just to give quality education to our children!!!!Where are those days of Quality education given by Public and Missionaries…God will judge u and deal wt ur generatiin if dont repent!!!!.

  5. The little way u can honour someone that has established a school long b4 u’re born or even when u’re born is to make it retain its name. When he merge the sch what will happen to the abandoned schools. Suspecting he wants to convert the abandoned schools to personal property when he leaves. Those school’s were long created when some people were governors so he shld not come now and say he’s merging it. Why av all of his eggs in one basket. Making all students learn from one source. When there are lots of schools it reduces over population in a class and more teachers are there to manage the students. I pity teachers in osun cos wit dis they will be doin more job by managing more students.

  6. Honestly, I used to love admire & support every of Aregbesola’s move & ideas but dis sch merger of a thing, I hate with passion. 1. D children will have to travel/trek a very long distance to & fro sch everyday, d stress, psychological implication & d financial implication on both d children & their parents is enormous,by dat many will ave to withdraw their children frm public schs, while d less privileged dat can afford d fee of private sch. Will ave to go thru d stress or get discouraged & stop schooling completely 2. He shd have left out d missionary shls if actually he has nothing up his sleeves religion wise


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