Nigerian 11-Year-Old Girl Becomes Ambassador In Tanzania

Zuriel Oduwole, a Nigeria wonder girl advocating for education for the girl child in Africa at the age of 10 already became the youngest person ever interviewed by Forbes. Now Zuriel is 11 and she has been appointed Ambassador in Tanzania.


It was the girl’s second country stop on her East African leg to launch the acclaimed Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up program, aimed at inspiring and motivating Africa’s girls.

When the girl’s plane landed, she was welcomed by senior officials of the Tanzanian State House, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Education

On the first day Zuriel visited one of the oldest academic institutions in Dar Es Salaam, the Olympio School.

In the afternoon of October 11th, the day designated by the UN to celebrating the Girl Child, she attended the United Nations UNFPA event in Dar Es Salaam, which focused on reducing the incidence of child marriage in Tanzania.

She later gave exclusive interview to the national ITV network.

Her stay, rich in events, was followed by formal invitation by the First Lady to the State House.

Madam Salma Kikwete praised Zuriel for attracting attention to the issues of girls education to several African leaders.

It is important to mention that Zuriel has interviewed at least nine African leaders, including the Tanzanian head of state.

First Lady then formally appointed her an Ambassador for the largest foundation in Tanzania focused on gender issues – Wanawake na Maendeleo Foundation [WAMA] of which she is the founding Patron.

Mrs. Kikwete then presented Zuriel with several gifts and an intricate three-foot statue of unity, the same type presented to the US President, to symbolize the effect of Zuriel’s programs in the lives of Africa’s young women.


  1. Eleven years ambassador? that is great! her seed has fallen on a good soil that translated her dream to reality. Parents learn from this give ur girls equal opportunity like the boys.Can u visualise uncountable of her hawking about to make a living for their parents in Nigeria? Parents, teachers & the Govt .shall all give acc. of d part they play to Baba God .

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