Muslim Man Escapes Death, Wakes Up From Coma And Converts To Christianity

According to reports, a Muslim who suffered from a sudden brain aneurysm that left him in a coma has converted to Christianity after a miraculous recovery.

The young man, Karim Shamsi-Basha was reportedly in a coma for a month in 1992 but when he woke up, he began a 20-year journey that lead to him becoming a Christian.

His neurosurgeon told him he had seen very few people in his condition go on to make a full recovery and suggested that Mr Shamsi-Basha find out why he survived.


Mr Shamsi-Basha, who is a photojournalist, talks about how he practices Islam as a teenager; ‘I prayed five times a day. I walked to the mosque before sunrise. I fasted the month of Ramadan,’ he said.

When he was 18 he left the country, ran by the first Assad regime, to study at the University of Tennessee in the U.S. before working as a photojournalist at a local newspaper in Birmingham Alabama, getting married and fathering a son.

It was in 1992 when he was covering a fire at Independent Presbyterian Church for his local newspaper, that Mr Shamsi-Basha collapsed in its car park where he suffered a brain aneurism that could have left him paralysed.

He wrote a book about his journey, called PAUL AND ME, which includes chapters about Paul – one of the Bible’s best known figures – whose conversion to Christianity took place in the city of Damascus.


  1. U people upload things with no definite evidence. Even though he converted most of d articles uploaded give no certification and are not related to d heading. Shame!

  2. Abdul and ndubest…you people are fool…life is all about freedom…you choose to remain in darkness , the man ran away from it ..chai…muslim people problem

  3. It a shame on you posting this jokes with no evidence nor detail on he saw when he was in Coma that lead to his convertion. He is a hypocrates cos he never taste the fruit of islam thats y he is findin ways to convert. We dont neeD such rats in our religion. We love Islam and prophet MUHAMMAD SAW

  4. Why do you find it unbelievable for a man ask to find out his miraculous recovering discover it in christ?christ remain the healer n saviour

  5. The truth is that it is only faith in Christ that guarantee hope of eternal life. If you desire eternal life with God in heaven, then Christian faith is your only choice

  6. What’s the bi g deal in this article. The idiot that published this article must one of those useless SU, what do you stand to gain in cheap point.

  7. It is a pirty that some christian thought if some irrelevant so called muslim convertd to christianty they hav achieved somtin in life. Eya i pray may u light.

  8. Christianity is self-sufficient. It is islam that needs christianity to authenticate it. Without Christianity no Islam. Thank U Jesus the Son of the Living God.

  9. This infonija na stupid ppl. We agreed dat he convertd to christianity,but wat are d miracles he came across dat made turn a christian as ur heading states.

  10. Nigerians will never change. Religious sentiments is what is destroying us. I have read about christians converting to Islam on this same site(info nija) and nobody insulted them oooo. Why now are our muslim brothers insulting this people. Is there no polite way of asking your questions? Islam in Turkey, UAE and even Syria is not a violent religion, its a peaceful religion but in Nigeria? Aahahahaaa…. Na dem sabi pass. Think as a rational human, put God first, others second before yourself and Nigeria will be a better place to live. Teshekule ederim……..


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