Lamar Spotted With Estranged Wife And Father

Despite lashing out at his dad a few weeks ago after Joe Odom publicly blamed Lamar’s downfall on the Kardashians, father and son were spotted a few days ago buying snacks in Venice, California, their first public outing in months. The embattled NBA player was also spotted with his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian yesterday for the first time in months as they made their way to Kris Jenner’s home to provide some family support following the announcement of her split from husband Bruce.

Khloe has hinted that she plans to fight for her marriage in a series of tweets she posted yesterday but TMZ reported that she’s still planning to divorce Lamar but is scared that taking the step may cause him to maybe commit suicide. Don’t think he will do that tho…he has many other reasons to live!


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