LAGOS PLANE CRASH: See What Actress Susan Peters Says About Agagu’s Death

Different reactions have trailed the plane crash of yesterday, in which many lives were lost.

Among those questioning the crash is Nollywood actress, Susan Peters.

Susan took to social media, Twitter to express her opinion on the Associated Airline Plane Crash which had the corpse of late Olusegun Agagu and others on board.

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Does she have a point?


  1. When all dat hide in the eye of juman is clear to God,let’s not give judgement on that but insted let’s pray for those that die and there family

  2. I think she is right. Agagu’s son and son in-law survive and the family went ahead with the burial arrangement as planned. Assuming one of them died will they go ahead with the burial as planned. Just because of one man 17 souls lost there live including a serving commissioner. Na wa ooo

  3. That’s a stupid question. There’s no talakawas in the list of the casualties from KIC Boyz. How do you say innocent people? Birds of the same feathers flock together


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