Karrueche Dumps Chris Brown After Arrest.


Chris Brown’s on-and-off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran trashed him on twitter today a few hours after it emerged that he’d been arrested for punching a man in D.C. Her reaction to the news came as a surprise to some people because their split, which happened recently, hadn’t been made public.

Chris and Karrueche had a falling out about a week ago after she asked to move into Chris’ LA pad. A source claims Chris flipped over the request and accused Karrueche of not being ‘grateful’ for everything he already does for her, and for trying to push him too hard. Chris and Karrueche  have since unfollowed each other on Twitter.

“Karrueche basically wants to move back into Chris’ house and be there and lay some roots down. She’s wasn’t trying to suffocate him or have him on lock,” a source said. “In her mind, it was just a baby step, but Chris took it the wrong way. He got really mad and told her, ‘Why can’t you just be happy with what we got?’ and ‘Why you always trying to ask for more? I do all this sh!t and you’re not grateful.’”

“He thinks she’s trying to use him. That made her cry and she was devastated that he would say some s–t like that and she left,”

“Chris acts out and this is his way of dealing with his feelings with any girl who wants to get close. He’s not good with his emotions and he doesn’t know how to act.” the source revealed.

Chris and Karrueche have unfollowed each other on Twitter, and Chris kinda hinted he had broken up with her when he wrote on his twitter: (See below…)

“Hamisheh Asegh,” translates to “perpetual lover,” – that’s kinda like a woman who’s good enough to sleep with but nothing more.

Source: LIB


  1. She did not trash him all she said she hate waking up to bad news in which meaning that when she woke up she heard the bad news about Chris… She tweeted the other Tweet because Rihanna stans were going off on her and Chris and that made her mad…. Media needs to stop writing stuff before they send stuff out!!


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