It’s The Duty Of Every Nigerian To Encourage PDP’s Self-Destruction – Mohammed


National coordinator of the Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Dr. Junaid Mohammed has said that it is the responsibility of every patriot to encourage the self-destruction of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Mohammed, who is a Second Republic parliamentarian, said ‘killing’ the PDP should be a national priority, not the proposed national conference.

According to him, “PDP is so full of contradictions. If PDP is allowed to survive, democracy would be sacrificed in Nigeria. I believe that there will never be democracy in Nigeria until the PDP is destroyed; whether it is destroyed by external forces or it is destroyed by its own internal contradictions, by which it is made to implode.

“There will no democracy; no peace and security in this country until the PDP is destroyed. It is the responsibility of any patriot to ensure that PDP is encouraged to destroy itself. Once we do that, we can now start asking fundamental questions.”

Dismissing the proposed national dialogue, Mr. Mohammed said it will not yield the desired outcome as long as the PDP is at the helm of affairs.

“When a party has failed to deliver on its own promise, I think it’s only fair for it to be allowed to die,” he said.

He also faulted the insinuation in some quarters that the crisis in the PDP was part of a northern agenda, saying the warning signs had been there all along due to the wrong philosophy of the party.

Mr. Mohammed also accused the ruling party of abusing power and creating division among the people of Nigeria.

Mohammed said, “I’ve never respected the political philosophy of the PDP. It’s all mantra; zoning and rotation, because they are not actionable. The system of zoning and rotation is so full of contradictions and it is simply unworkable in a country such as ours.

“Instead of making our contextual problems more manageable, it has made our country worse. Now, every Nigerian thinks of his region, zone, state, local government and even within the local government areas, people are talking about separate wards. To the PDP, power is something to be abused. When it is your turn, you abuse power and then it must be my turn some day to assume power and abuse it.”



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