I Wish I Could Pay Back Every Money They Spent On Brymo! Annie Idibia’s Manager Takes A Shot At Choc City Label

Brymo is no more with Choc City. He just released a new album and he has no right, just like no one else does to sell the album, except it’s been sold by Choc City because he has an agreement with them which won’t end until 2016.

brymo_annie_idibia_weeeHe can’t perform anywhere, he can’t get any brand endorsement deal, he can’t release new singles, except it’s all under Choc City because they already have a court injunction restricting him from doing all of that.

Well Annie Idibia’s manager thinks it’s unfair on Brymo to wait for two years doing nothing except he gets back with Choc City. She took to twitter where she expressed her disappointment.

All the tweets below.

brymo_annie_idibia brymo_annie_idibia_2


  1. too bad for dis young art, well a contract has to b honored. but chock city has to provide a way dat wil favor both parties so dat byrmo won’t stay idea in d nxt 2yrs wen d contract wil be over..


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