Her Fiance’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Pregnant For Him, Now Their Marriage Is On Hold, What Should She Do?

My friend is in a complicated situation and really doesn’t no what to do.


My friend is a very beautiful and smart girl from a very well brought up and decent home.

She met the man of her dreams (Mr Right) and he is so in love with her, they had even started planning their wedding a few months ago but few months to her introduction he started acting cold, funny, withdrawn and each time she brought up the wedding plans he developed cold feet, looking all sad.

He finally decided to open up and come out straight, after much persuasion, he confessed he’s Ex-girlfriend is pregnant for him.

My friend was so sad and heartbroken, kept on crying all night.

Although they are both in love with each other, he claimed it was a mistake and doesn’t not love his ex-girlfriend and that his Ex says she’s only interested in the child and nothing more.

My fear is his family members, do you think they would force him to marry the woman carrying his child and let him bear the consequences or allow him go ahead with the wedding plans with my friend?

Please I need your advice. Is there still hope for her? She’s so sad now and I’m worried about her .


  1. Well I’ll suggest ur friend should take things easy n go 2 God 4 direction. He loves her yet he sleeps wit his ex to d extent of pregnancy. Pls let her stop d wedding cuz dis is a sign of danger ahead. If it were 2 b a neutral person,it might be understanding but his EX..No. She was neva his ex..

  2. My dear, your friend should be very grateful to God that she found out about the whole situation before they were married.my advice is your friend should put herself together and look up to God for their is a better plan that God has for her. She should let go of the man. He has made his choice. He never loved her. I wish her the best.


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