Guinea Bissau: “Barbaric Attack, Not To Be Tolerated Again” – Senate

Yesterday the Senate claimed that the Nigerian government was not going not fold her arms and watch neighbouring African countries, that have benefitted a lot from the country’s peace keeping operations, attack Nigerian nationals in their countries.

nigerian-senate1Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Matthew Nwagwu, mentioned this responding to attacks on some Nigerians in Guinea Bissau.

Senator Nwagwu who represents Imo North on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, called the attack, which took away lives of some Nigerians in the embassy unfortunate, bad and unexpected of a friendly country.

According to his words, Nigeria supports Guinea Bissau in many ways.

What is more, Nigeria provided technical aid specialists working in various ministries at no charge in the country.

That is why the Senator calls it unfortunate, that after all this help being rendered to the country, its people kill some of Nigeria nationals.

Nwagwu reveals that serious steps have been taken to manage the situation.

The Government has sent the delegation to Guinea Bissau for them to meet with the authorities of the country and find out what happened. The delegation is also to express its feeling and conditions regarding how this issue can be resolved.

According to him, the Ambassador is already working in Guinea Bissau and soon he will provide the details of bilateral meeting. After that Nigeria will present her conditionalities for an amicable resolution of this problem.

“The Nigerian team has gone there with a clear instruction and shopping list, and we have to wait and see what they will come back with.

The minister might have some ideas and of course, these ideas will be conveyed to the delegation but the delegation has to also get the other party to respond then come back and report appropriately. It is after they have come back that we will know what to do”, he said.


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