Ghanaian Presenter Kwame Bee: “Jim Ike and TB Joshua were Only Acting, It Was Fake”


So, we all know we are going to be talking about this Jim Iyke controversial deliverance for a while, be prepared to listen to enough criticism from all angles.

Host of Cruise Control, the drive time show in a Ghanaian based privately owned radio station Hitz 103.9 FM – ‘Kwame Bee’ has blasted TB Joshua and Jim Ike, on his program and social media.

Kwame says that in this modern world, it’s sad how people are trying to take advantage of God and that anything is possible.

‘I don’t really believe in this TB Joshua and Jim Ike’s deliverance. ‘ I don’t believe in TB Joshua and his well-planned Gimmicks, take a careful look at the video , as a good film maker so you can’t simply tell is not real, it was planned ,lot of pastors do this, is a way to prove they are powerful’ Kwame B said unedited.



  1. Are you sure of what you’re saying, although i’ve not seen the video. T.b joshua is one man i really counted:-) i pray it’s not true because…hmmmm

  2. i will not doubt what transpired between TB Joshua and Jim Ik.i knw there ar many fake prophet and pastor every were. they can only fool and deceived those that are fools and blind spiritually. one thing i know is that no man can fool the all knowing and perfect God. he knows the begining and the end. God is watching and waiting for the time to strike. may God saved us all.amen

  3. U sit dwn der sayin trash, i bet if u attend scoan, ur deliverance will b mur dan jim iyk’s own…. De demons pushuin u nd segun no b 4 mawt de de use talk m, u better repent

  4. Why is it that pple are still consciously blindfolded by devil.. Hw can somebody b seeing the truth opendentially and still stick with his/her continuous nagging and doubting about prophet T:B Joshua.. God is watching you guyz that is scolding jim Iyke.. Anyway.. Why am
    I even wasting my saliva when I fully knw wt assurance that you all need deliverance cause is the demon which Jim is deliverance from has gotten hold of you pple becus of the criticism you pple is showering on Jim and prophet T:B Joshua.. May God hav mercy on all of that has commented wrongly.. You better run to scaon and get your own deliverance before devil go kill you slowly… Fools snooper!

  5. God is the one that has the final say in everytin that has happend or that will happen. God knwns who is who nd who is calling Him truthfully. May Gods mercy come upon us all in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Fellow christians……. Please wether true or its fake…please and please… Let wait for the judgement day….. Cos when that day come there will no mercy for mankind…..the bible say…Naked we came, naked we will go to our maker….so if you do good with the name of God you do it for urself and the is an everlasting reward for u (thus God blessing which is heaven) but when u do bad with the name of God there is a curse from God and everlasting reward for u (thus from satan which is hell)… Let rather preach the Gosple than commenting on what someone has said… Cos through this can bring unhealth relationship between us and that will not be effective and good in the present of God.. Wish you all Goodluck and ur various jobs…


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