For Married Couples – 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in the Bedroom

images (14)Who doesn’t need to spice up their bedroom routine every once in a while? You love your partner and assume he’ll initiate sex, so it’s all good, right? Not so fast!

Did you ever think about what YOUR role is…what you could be doing to turn up the heat?

Mistake #1: Comfy Clothes

I know, ladies, that you want to be in those those comfortable nightgowns, those comfortable jammies that you wear. But, honestly, the quickest turn-off to your partner or spouse is your comfy clothes. So, if you want to spice things up in your love life, shed those comfy clothes and find a nice, hot bra or a nice nighty, something you can be slinky, sexy and comfortable in that will be a TURN-ON to your partner.

Mistake #2: NOT Taking the Lead

Don’t wait to get asked to dance, meaning you’ve got to take the lead. You don’t have to wait for your partner to ask you to have sex or make love with them. Get involved, get into bed, take the lead and get your partner into bed with you. You’ll both have a lot of fun and enjoy yourselves.

Mistake #3: Criticism

It’s to be avoided at all costs. Nothing will turn off your partner faster than you telling him what you DON’T like and what you don’t want taking place. On the other hand, what will be a complete arousal and turn-on is letting him know what he CAN do to please you and what will excite you if he does it.

So, tell him what you like, wear those sexy clothes and, most importantly of all, take the lead so that you can have the fun you’re looking for!



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