Even Afrocandy Reacts To Jim Iyke’s Deliverance By T.B Joshua


The criticism just keeps pouring in, i’m so feeling sorry for Jim Iyke right now. Even fellow actors and actresses in the industry have openly blasted the actor.

Up to the extent that even Nigerian soft porn actress, Afrocandy took to her Facebook page to voice out her opinion about the matter.

“Na waah for our actors, Jym Ike took his stunt to the alter. I wonder how much he got paid for this ‘movie’. Nevertheless, he is a very good actor tho”

I have a very strong feeling that Jim Iyke has had about enough and will soon clap back at all his critics, i’m patiently sitting and waiting for the cup to overflow.

Read her original post below:



  1. Jim

    please dont respond to all the critics against you, allow the lord to be in control of your life, thats what you need to focus on for now. you have made a good choice for yourself, critics were there to the lord Jesus himself, people failed to believe who he is exactly, that led him to be cricified. so take your cross an follow jesus. you will leave a peaceful life.

  2. Jim iyke should remain focus.These people are blind and will remain blind because spiritual matters are only for
    spiritual enlightened people.Afrocandy and the rest should walk in Synagogue church,there they will experience
    what Iyke experience.Gods awesome power can never be explained experienced.Carnal men never understand the deep things of God.


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