UPDATE: 17 Persons Now Confirmed Dead In Plane Crash At Lagos Airport (UPDATED, PHOTOS)

At least eight people died in a plane crash that occurred at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos around 9.20 am this morning. Several others feared injured. The plane was conveying the body of the former Ondo State governor, Olusegun Agagu.


An Associated Airline jet with seven crew and 20 passengers flying to Akure, Ondo was carrying passengers heading for the burial of former Ondo State governor, Olusegun Agagu, a spokesman for the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency said.

Some sources, however, report nine people to be killed.

According to some, reports, the jet was also conveying the body of Agagu who perished a week ago.

Some of the passengers who perished in the air crash are believed to be family members of the late governor and officials of Ondo state government.

The plane nose-dived from into a building in the area less than a minute after take-off. Aviation Ministry spokesman, Joe Obi, said:

“The plane couldn’t lift properly so it just came down. “Some persons are being rushed to hospital. A few dead bodies have been recovered, but there are survivors.”


The crash occurred at the local wing of the airport close to the section were JET-A1, plane fuel, is stored.

Fire service officials were seen evacuating the occupants of the plane.

“There’s a lot of smoke coming from the runway, but we can’t get access to it. There are fire-fighters rushing to the scene,” Rasaki Rhakod, who runs a car service around the airport said.




“There’s a lot of smoke coming from the runway, but we can’t get access to it. There are fire-fighters rushing to the scene,” Rasaki Rhakod, who runs a car service around the airport, told Reuters by telephone.

The spokesman of the Nigeria aviation agencies, Yakubu Datti, asked for more time to get details of the incident.

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  1. Ondo is not that far from Lagos, the problem is the state of the road and highway robbery, but as we can see now, nothing is safe, the only solution is adequate attention to the problems.

  2. We hav problem in dis country, in fact, frm lagos to ondo state if we hav smooth road let say 2hour, but d road s very very bad, may God help us in dis. Country.

  3. shud we say ds is destiny or wot?wn ppl die,we pray 4d welbeing of all dat is left behnd.God! Is ds d welbeing of d deseasd family? Is ds nt a tragdy 4 ak in ondo state? Y?

  4. ..hmmm Nigerian repent ooo !! most especially those occupying public offices..nothing happen for nothing the bible say in Gal 6.7…Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap….when you in power as ,President ,Governor ,chairman DGs even in your local and domestics level…do not cheat the masses under you to acquired wealth for you and your immediate family friend friends alone because when the table will turn THIS MAY NOT BE PALATABLE…a former minister of aviation hmmm dying the second time in a plane crash with his family this is not ordinary …please Nigeria let us learn from this incident very sad but we must learn and see life as nothing but vanity ..MAY THEIR SOUL REST IN PEACE IF AND ONLY IF THEY HAVE CHRIST.BEFORE THE DIED..it is well.

  5. Its a sad news to the people of Ondo state, what a tragedy! Although information reaching us is that the son is one of the survivors, so i prayed he recover from the crash and has the courage to continue his life. Also to other families involved, the Obasanjos, that has Gbenga in the crash and the Falaes the fortitude to bear the lost, God has a reason for everything.

  6. May d lord revive those victims,let goverment do smthg abt dis issue of plane crash,we are afraid of robbery on d road bcos of lack of security,dey suggest air nw crash always,bcos no goverment monitorine mentanances,wht are we goin to rely on?maybe ship or speed train

  7. Oh my God nt again in dis country,4rm lagos to akure is nt dat too far.just our problem in dis country is bad road and they are nt ready to work toward it cus they believe they hardly pass 2ru it,but in dis case they need 2 work 2wards it.cus even the poor and the rich needs it. May their soul rest in peace.

  8. Na wa ooo so agagu commited up to that level in ondo state this is a leason for the pple of ondo state and the entire nation as a whole it is a pith

  9. he died as a former minister of aviation, former governor of state, those alive should learn because whatever you are doing now is a story tomorrow. but what will people say after your leaving? All that happen around agagu’s demise is it natural, or is anybody suspicious about anything? Why would he die and several people have to go along with him including his family members and government officials and even anybody that could be involved? Does this have any political undertone? Is juju involved? Did the plane really have any fault before the day without the prior knowledge of the engineers and those working with aviation? when is Nigeria going to be safe for people living in her? Do you say Agagu is reaping the fruit of his labour or you are saying somebody somewhere is behind this tragedy, or somebody is saying Ondo State should go on a serious prayer or even the entire country? Who are we fighting do we really know our enemy left alone knowing the instrument or strategy to adopt in combating him? Yoruba would say “Araba tun ‘ra mu nitoripe odo ngb’ arere”, meaning the weak should strongly prepare because the strong are perishing. May God help us o. I know the Kingdom of God alone can give the lasting peace. Let him that is yet to be part of the kingdom do so now before it is too late. Come Lord Jesus

  10. What sort of a reporter will use the word ‘perished’ for a man that slumped and died in this even more sombre moment? Poor !!!

    Agagu died in Lagos and not Ibadan as erroneously mentioned above.

  11. Since they don’t to take care of d road, Poor pple die on land and get bueried @ their home while politicans and others die on air and got burnt and bueried massively. Poor man no dey die for plane clash. For sure

  12. in dis country we ve nt achieve any good tin, all we alwayz hear is plane crash or bomb blash.na wa 4 dis country ooo make al our leader go river go wash their head o make we fit save 4 dis country.

  13. What a tragedy,Iju-odo,ondo state,Nigeria; Aku ara feraku, But we need prayer of mercy through the trone of GOD almight, our leaders have touch unclean things,they left God becouse of the little world, I don’t know what the preacher will use to preach about this tragedy may be God will use him (the preacher) to say GOD’s mind to our nation. Believe it or not the book of Gal 6:7 whatsoever a man soueth that shall he also reap. God is not mocked.Am not happy about what happen, we need genuine repenters and come out of that sin & call unto God to save us in this country, because this is just beginning of wisdom, to you mr president,governor,senator,rep, chairman,director,king,chief, you PASTOR. Eronu ki e pa iwada loni JESU un booooo. Let the poor enjoy the Wealth & riches of this nation, pls remember that position is not because of your family,IS JUST FOR THE POOR. You too can die now or tomorrow please repent JESUS is coming soon.

  14. last year oct 3rd 2012 we had a plane crash in nigeria nd we just had another one oct 3rd 2013……i God v mercy on Nigeria

  15. last year oct 3rd 2012 we had a plane crash in nigeria nd we just had another one oct 3rd 2013……may God v mercy on Nigeria

  16. hmmmmmmmm, God kn more, but we need 2 learn from this, Agagu died in Ib why Flying 2 Lagos, i guess it is just 2 learn and kown more about God.hmmmmm. RIP

  17. Am tired of all these, Plan Crash Issue again in these country.
    I rep my regard to all the pessengers in the plan.
    May there soul rest in perfect peace ‘Amen’

  18. well, am happy sha…one of d badest people has gone ooo….and d thing na turn by turn ooo…. D rest on power be ready ooo.but may their soul (RIP)

  19. A good lesson for those pple that are in secret society remeber devil dont have free gifts accept JESUS CHIRST as your LORD and PERSONAL SAVIOR denounce devil repent now but the problem now is that many of them will now try to make another sacrifice with human blood repent or you perish JESUS IS LORD

  20. Its realy a sad event this morning,
    and also to the family of the late
    former governor and to the Yoruba’s as well.
    But POINT OF CORRECTION: You are not
    suppose to use the word “Perish” to
    describe the late governor that died
    last week, rather than using that awful word(Perish).
    You should screen words before using it,most expecially in a
    situation like this because believe me everyone is watching.
    Its not a good way of analysing any incident at all.
    I will realy appreciate if you can show a little respect
    for the dead. Thank you.

  21. May Almighty God forgive us all our trespaces,our sin is too much,expecialy those politicians they can do on do to get a certain post.this is lesson & warning to the nigerian politician,what ever a man sow so shall it also reap?

  22. This is not ordinary, their are some mysteries yet to be revealed about this.
    may the souls of the departed rest in peace, amen

  23. What’s they 4 government to repear the roads and save life? I pray may the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace.

  24. Even in the air nothing is alright our road must be taken into consideration. The question is Must Nigeria have a plane crash tragedy every year? Well may the souls of those involved rest in peace.

  25. O ma se oooo, Agagu’s family dont even hav dat sorrow mind for dose victim at all, dey just continue dere ceremony, anyway Olorun a ri ejo da shaaa. Our leader dont b selfish, dont fight for ur own purse alone fight for d masses, d poor, let us feel dat we hav d same blood flows in our body, ammend dose roads dey are for d poor, stop wasting d life of d poor, dats y God judge u with wat happen shaaa cous u cant pass 2ru d roads but 2ru air..anyway shaaa may God console d family of dose dat lost dere lives for Agagu


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