5 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear When Things Just Aren’t Going His Way

images (22)Here are five things that he may need to hear from you when he is down for the count:

1. “I believe in you.”
Sweet words like this, whispered or yelled, can help your husband know that, despite any self-doubt, there is someone that sees his worth and has bought into his long term vision and mission for himself and the family.

2. “I love you.”
Your husband may need to hear these words when things are not going his way to center him and remind him that your love is unconditional and anchored in something larger than immediate challenges or (perceived) failures.

3. “I am here if you need to talk.”
Some say that men aren’t wired to be the best communicators in general, And when their emotions are all up in a knot because of a current problem they are trying to solve in their lives—forget about it—you need a crow bar to get the man in your life to emote or express his feelings. Well, maybe the truth of the matter is that instead of getting them to open up, we give them permission to be themselves and be ready when they want to share.

4. “You sexy as ….”
Sex sells but it also heals. I’ve polled a few men informally about this statement and they agree that reminding your husband that he is sexy and wanted is something that brightens their day and infuses them with a little more courage to persevere. CAVEAT: It is best that this statement is said as a prelude to a love session and you are already naked. You gotta deliver on this statement. Don’t be starting nothing that you can’t finish.

5. “This too shall pass.”
If your husband has identified himself as the leader of the family, Mr. Protector, and Mr. Provider, and somehow his current obstacles are keeping him from fulfilling these roles, it might be helpful to remind him that whatever is going on is temporary and it shall pass. When he hears this and knows that you believe this, it may give him the patience and peace of mind to ride out the tide without beating himself up for what he thinks he ought to be doing for himself and the family.



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