5 Nasty Things We Do for Love!!!

images (1)nbnAccording to the 1970’s flick Love Story, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Well, it also means doing some gross things for one another and not feeling (too) bad about it. So what are some gross things we do for love? After asking around and giving the matter much thought, here are 5 of the nastiest things we do for love.

1.Rub feet: This one goes both ways, but yeah. Feet are gross. And still we rub them.

2. Clean up vomit: If your spouse is sick, who is gonna do it? You, obvi. Kid vomit is one thing. Adult vomit is a WHOLE other ballgame.

3. Pick his teeth: Ever had your husband look at you and ask if something is stuck in his teeth? Ever had him ask you to dig it out? No? Then you are in the minority. Dozens of women and men I asked have done this nasty task and they have done so happily. If it helps him not look like a freak (which reflects badly back on you), then it’s worth it.

4. Let him pee (or worse) while you shower: In our newlywed days, when we lived in a one-bathroom apartment, this happened all the time. We learned to live with it. Now, I didn’t do the same. But that is only because I would rather hold it for hours than do most of those things in the same room as him. But I am the minority there, it seems.

5.) Give a loud fart: Personally, I have never done this, but plenty of women and men say they have and it’s no biggie. So whatever. I get it. It’s cool. It’s love. And who can argue with that?


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