4 Ways To Make Him Happy To Come Home!

marrageWhat you are about to read isn’t about defining roles, but simply stating what things will make a man more likely to want to rush home instead of run away from it.

1. Greet Him With Love –
Everybody likes to be loved. Men are no different, and the idea of being able to walk into a home filled with love would make any man want to be home. Showing your husband you are happy to see him can have a great effect. It makes him feel desired and even respected. If you have kids, then you should encourage them to do the same and have them greet their father once they know he has walked in the house. When a man feels like he is going to walk into a battle field, well he may delay his entrance.

No man wants to come home to a wife that attacks him verbally, talks down to him, and just throws so much negativity his way. I know that at times it is due to built up frustration that the man contributed to, but it still will only make matters worse. Embracing talking to your husband in a more loving and positive manner can really help improve the communication. So it is very important to create a positive environment and give him a moment to soak in the good vibes when he gets there.

2. A Neat Home Is a Peaceful Home –
Messiness can create negative energy. Chaos can create even more negative energy. Combine those two and well you see where I’m going with this. A house that is in order is a house a man wants to be in. I know some situations may be more difficult to handle than others, but the goal still has to be to clean up and reduce the stress that a disorderly house can create. As a wife, make sure you are not contributing to creating a mess. This doesn’t mean the man should not help out in this area, just be mindful of how a cleaner house can create a happier home. Create a system if needed and if you have kids that are old enough, teach them to help keep the house clean and in order.

3. The Way To His Heart Is Through His Stomach –
I wouldn’t agree completely with this, but the statement has some validity. A lot of men place a high value on a woman who can cook. Men enjoy eating good home cooked meals, and not having to constantly rely on fast food. Granted if the woman is working, then a compromise has to be made on this issue. In some households the man is the main cook, and for that couple this point doesn’t really apply. For many men, it still goes a long way when he knows he is coming home to some good food. It can put a smile on his face, and plus it is a better eating habit for the entire household to enjoy.

4. Jazz It Up a Little –
Men are visual creatures, and they enjoy having something nice to look at. It isn’t that these men expect their wives to walk around in lingerie, heels, and makeup on. The one’s with kids aren’t looking to have their wife in booty shorts with their butt cheeks hanging out (when the kids are away it would be nice though). They just get tired of always seeing sweat pants and a hair wrap or the wife just looking a plain mess. So jazzing it up just a little could do wonders. There are adjustments a wife can make to be more appealing without being too revealing.


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